"Zeng Youth" Yang Cheng asked for marriage, Wang Ying cried, Ren Siyu was pregnant, Xie Qiao broke up

Qianxi Ying Company arranged to participate in "Football Baby". She agreed with Xiaozhou to say hello to He Xiaozhou’s gesture when she was on TV.

During the World Cup, Wang Ying returned to China and Qin Chuan planned the World Cup set meal for the pancake shop. Looking at the two people, Xie Qiao could no longer ignore the jealousy that he continued to breed.

From high school to university graduation, those young couples always have their own unique ways to express their love. Sometimes expressing love does not need to be much bigger, a small movement and one look make the opponent upside down.

As a student, it seems that boys are more popular to sing downstairs in the girls. When they reach the story of the episode, they use many small hints to express their love for each other.

Those couples’ careful thoughts and small secrets have become their exclusive memories.

Wang Ying must be the best and most unsatisfactory girl in the whole drama. Unconsciously, we will feel that she is more suitable for Qin Chuan than Xie Qiao.

Qin Chuan himself may not know what type of girls like, but let the young hearts blind the entire forest. In this love, if Qin Chuan likes other girls, he will feel that he is "derailed" by himself.So, when there was a hint of hope inside, he also hoped to pursue Xie Qiao.

Qian Xi won the tickets for the championship and the World Cup finals with his outstanding performance. She regarded the company’s arrangements to sell the prizes to find He Xiaozhou abroad. The two spent a very sweet time.

But soon Qianxi was hidden by the company, and his debut date was pushed back indefinitely.

Qianxi is too naive, naive will make people believe that there is absolute selfless and great love, and it also makes people believe that falling in love with someone will never regret it.

She hasn’t figured out the entertainment industry. One day she will find that the world only has the money that herself and earn more reliable. In addition, all will change.

Xie Qiao took off the proposal ring, but Wang Ying couldn’t help crying.

Yang Cheng took the ring to ask Xie Qiao for marriage. Although Xie Qiao accepted the ring, he thought about how to reject him.Xie Qiao went to Qin Chuan and wanted to tell him that he didn’t want to get married, but Qin Chuan first said congratulations to Xie Qiao, and then said many words that were wrong, Xie Qiao left sadly.

Wang Ying was also drunk, accusing Yang Cheng of not talking, and when he was a child, he obviously agreed not to get married.

From a certain perspective, Xie Qiao is a kind girl in most cases, but the state of merit will make people feel at ease.

Xie Qiao is always looking for a reason to do one thing. She doesn’t like Yang Cheng, but she accepts the ring. This kind of non -decisive rejection of the boy is a "fish raising" state.

Yang Xingming is a big fish, but Xie Qiao has his own ideas.

Wang Ying finally revealed that she likes Yang Cheng. What kind of love is that the girl will let the boy recruit bees and butterflies outside. This kind of love and love.

If you don’t get married each other, then the relationship between them is closer than everyone. Once someone chooses to get married, then the two friends are ordinary friends, which are the same as others.

Wang Ying has been in love with Yang Cheng with action, and Yang Cheng just cares about Wang Ying’s feelings at the critical time. This rich second -generation prince and princess are Romantic -like love.

Ren Siyu found Xie Qiao, saying that she and Yang Cheng had been pregnant with her.Xie Qiao said she would break up with Yang Cheng, but not because of Ren Siyu.Xie Qiao returned the ring to Yang Cheng, blessing Yang Cheng found a truly loved person.

No matter how thoughtful Ren Siyu is, this is the evil created by Yang Cheng himself. The flies are not tilted into seamless eggs. If Ren Siyu marries Yang Cheng, then the future will be another version of the giant palace fighting drama.

Xie Qiao reads what Wang Ying was drunk, because Wang Ying was silently guarding the love. Like Qin Chuan, she was Yang Cheng, and sometimes she couldn’t see that the people around them were enemies or "friends".

There are too many fate in the episode, which is a pity that they are fault and missed.

Sometimes I think, is it like a fake boy girl?

Do you think Wang Ying is suitable for Qin Chuan?

Is Xie Qiao a careless girl?

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