"When my wife is pregnant, how do you support it as a husband?" The comment area has some connotation

Is this big girl, did the things behind your hat posted it yourself?Still being tilted by others?This second still felt a little bit of pain. Will the little brother be awkward to see it?


I have heard of practicing butterfly, but the first time I saw the butterfly hip?Brother, don’t you feel panicked when you feel?Human body structure still has a certain scientific reason, don’t blindly pursue fitness!

I used to see a report "Girls’ feet are better than boys", hahahaha, it seems that this report really exists, but this young lady bullies like this, isn’t you afraid of being beaten by your mother?

"Dragon Eighteen Palms" has begun to enroll in the country!Friends who are interested and loose at hand can register as appropriate!Hahaha!This is the legendary dragon’s eighteen palms. Although there are no dragons now, the eighteen palms can still clean up some bad guys ~ You did n’t learn this life, you regret it for life …

I heard that the phone will explode to a certain extent, but the chance of this kind of thing is very small, it can be said that it is difficult to encounter.Brother, your mobile phones are fried. Did you use your mobile phone as a warm baby to warm up?Hahaha!Why did you explode?This kind of luck can be said to be the "son of heaven"?You can buy lottery tickets!

Hahaha now many beauties like to exercise at home by themselves. The netizen below said that his wife is always okay, just doing this action at home. Is this tempting yourself?IntersectionHahaha ~ Do you make you put your food for you?

"Journey to the West" is a classic film and television work. Who do you like the most?I think many people should like Sun Wukong hate Tang Seng.My favorite is Zhu Bajie.At present, many people have been performed on the role of pig Bajie. Who do you like the most of the pig Bajie?

Nowadays, it is not easy to get a net. This shop is even more excellent. To get a Wifei account password, you must use the mathematical formula to verify the calculation.How can you make me from this elementary school culture?Anyway, if you don’t give me a password, I will give you the network cable. This is simply difficult.Hahaha

I went to a small selling shop and found that their home was unloading. In the past, I saw what this sugar meant. I know cat shit coffee, what is shit?

These four words are generally stuck in the car or at the door of the house. What is the girl on the back?

Brother, can you not wear this clothes, your face is almost lost, it is really amazing!

The girl is a bit too much, you can’t drink so much yourself, and you can hold both of them. In case you can’t finish drinking, you must throw it away.

Girl, do you want to say that you are a light bulb?

Setting such a slogan is particularly easy to cause public anger. It is also a good thing to stimulate students. Hahaha perfectly combines the current current affairs network term. When it is such a critical, you should let it go.In the school, there is no regret in this life.

What’s going on?When staying at the hotel, we will see a lot of slogans, such as do not throw the debris into the sink or something, but the following slogan, the editor is the first time I see it, the basin cannot be loaded, please do not rely on it.The slogan has no effect at all. Who will sit on it, isn’t this a place to wash?It’s really weird …

Hahaha now has too many netizens?IntersectionSome netizens are knowing that my wife is pregnant, how did you support your husband?Hahaha ~ Netizens in the comment area are simply, but you won’t ask this question when you live together!

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