"The Show of Liao Zhai": The most beautiful fox in the world

"Liao Zhai" imagined Mercedes -Benz, with the so -called "flying soul", is an adult fairy tale. The most attractive reader’s attention is "fox essence".

In Christian culture and East Asian culture, "fox essence" is mostly derogatory words."Fox" means beauty and deception, which means betrayal of traditional morality.The Chinese are accustomed to calling the sensual and charming woman "fox essence".Fox essence is the topic of Chinese novels.The traditional concept believes that foxes are monsters and are cunning animals. The foxes are accommodated by beautiful women to confuse men, absorb people’s qi, and use yang to nourish yin.In the Warring States Period, the "Shan Hai Jing" wrote that Youdu Shan Xuanhu was the nemesis of the heroes of the Yang world; the novels of the Six Dynasties called the female fox essence "Azi", and they were specifically confused about the man.Can change into a woman, a hundred -year -old is a beauty "," can know thousands of miles of foreign affairs, be good and charming, and make people confused and dementia. "As of the Song Dynasty’s "Taiping Guang Ji", there are eighty -three -in -story Chinese classical Chinese short stories.The biggest feature of the fox essence in the predecessor’s novel is harmful people, causing people to be healthy, lost, and even life.The bad reputation of fox essence comes from "Fengshen Romance". The story of the fox is charming, and it is widely circulated.The fox essence in the legendary "Biography of Ren" is the best fox essence before "Liao Zhai".

"Liao Zhai" completely subverts the traditional writing of fox essence, shapes the colorful fox essence, depicts beautiful and charming, superb fox essence portraits, as well as the fox crickets and fox scholars who punish the abuse,In the story, profound social content and philosophical thinking.(The above section is selected from "Ma Ruifang Reading Liaizhizhi" preface "Big Beauty Legend Fox Essence")

Source of this article: "Ma Ruifang Pin Read Liao Zizhi", author: Ma Ruifang, version: Tianxi Culture · Tiandi Publishing House in March 2023

There are two Axiu, one is a folk girl, and the other is a fox.The two Ah embroidery grew almost exactly."Almost" shows that they are still different.Initially, the folk Antani was better than the fox girl Axiu.The fox girl Axiu continued to cultivate, and in the end their beauty was not distinguished.The two Ah embroidery are beautiful, and the beauty of the fox girl Ah embroidery is more philosophical.She is beautiful in appearance, more beautiful in her heart, and beautiful pursuit of beauty.Maybe some readers and friends want to laugh. Fox essence pursues inner beauty. Is it called Fox?A little good, some of the more special fox essences in "Liao Zhai" are like this.Although "Axiu" wrote the beauty of the sisters Shuangjie, but it mainly focused on the beauty of the fox girl A embroidery.How can the two Axiu catch the right "comparable"?Why does the people embroidery on the surface, the folk embroidery is beautiful, but in fact the fox girl Ah embroidery is more beautiful?Let’s cut the story of "Axiu" in several paragraphs-

The first paragraph: Liu Zixing loves folk embroidery.

Haizhou Liu Zigu went to Gaizhou to visit his sister -in -law, and saw a grocery shop that had a woman beautiful and beautiful. She liked it very much, so she liked it, so she quietly came to the grocery store and bought a fan to approach her.The woman asked her father to come out. Liu Zigu was frustrated and deliberately cut the price of the fan very low. She left without buying it.When he saw the father left the shop, he hurried to buy it, and the woman had to call his father back. Liu Zigu said, "Don’t call him, you just say how much money, I will not bargain with you." The woman deliberately wantsAt a high price, Liu Zishu couldn’t bear to bargain with her, handed the money as a number, and walked away with a fan.The next day, he went to pretend to buy something to get close to that woman.Like the first day, the woman still had a high price, and he still didn’t pay for it. When he finished paying the money and took a few steps, the woman called him back: "Come back! The price just now lied to you."So the half of the money was returned to Liu Zigu.Liu Zigu was so sincere by the woman, and ran to the store, and gradually became familiar with the woman.The woman asked: "Where is the son living?" Liu Zixing said to the truth, asking the girl’s surname, the girl replied, "Surname Yao." When Liu Zigu left the shop, the girl always packed the paper he bought with paper., Licking it with my tongue, Liu Zigu did not dare to move after bringing the things I bought in her arms, and I was afraid that the girl’s tongue marks were gone. What an infatuated person!After half a month, his secret was discovered by the servant, and the servant informed Liu Zigu’s uncle.After learning about the reason, I urged him to go home.Liu Zi is reluctant to be in love, but helplessly, he hides things that he can’t use in a box in a box when he bought it from the grocery.Can lead a sweet memory.

This story is basically the plot borrowed from the novels of the Six Dynasties.The Southern Dynasty’s novel "Selling Hu Fan Women" wrote a woman who fell in love with Hu Fan, and bought fans every day. The woman was "promoted to private".The mother of the man found Hu Fan, and the officials were found to be tracked.This story is very brief. "Ah embroidery" is made here, but far more than that.Antan selling groceries is just the beginning of the two people, but it is a very vivid start.Liu Zigu fell in love with Axiu, borrowing things to get close.For the first time, Axiu called his father, and Liu Zigu returned disappointed. For the second time, A embroidered intentionally had a high price, and Liu Zigu paid for the money; the third time, Axiu deliberately had a high price, Liu Zigu was stillAccording to the hand, A embroidered half of the money for him.Three trading and sale, once different from one at a time, and one at a time more emotional communication.However, Minglun commented: "Liu Gosh is infatuated.Liu Zigu’s infatuation is obvious.Liu Zigu is close to Axiu, and buying things he does not need again and again. Axiu deliberately pretended to be Hu Fan with red soil. Liu Zigu not only did not notice it, but also collected the densely convergence: "The things in the city are wrapped in paper with paper.It has been sticky with the tongue. Liu Huai is afraid to recur, and he is afraid to mess with his tongue marks. "The novelist gently embellished the details with a fun pen, and wrote a pair of young men and women innocent, warm and poetic love."Liao Zhai" is not as plane and the storyline of the story, but the characteristics of the characters are not like "You Ming Lu".

In the second year, Liu Zigu came to Gaizhou again. As soon as the luggage was put down, he ran to Yao’s grocery, but the Yaojia store door closed tightly.He guessed that the Yao family might go out temporarily and returned disappointed.Go to see the next morning, the door photo is still closed.After inquiring with the neighbors, I knew that Yao Jiayuan was from Guangning. Because he did not make much money for buying and selling, he returned to his hometown for the time being. I do n’t know when I would return.Liu Zigu was in a frustrated mood. He lived in Gaizhou for a few days and returned home unhappy.Mother Liu discussed his marriage with him. He violated his mother’s wishes several times. Mother Liu was very angry and a little strange in her heart.The servant told Mother Liu in private the situation of Liu Zigu in Gaizhou.The mother became more defensive and stopped letting him go to Gaizhou.Liu Zigan couldn’t eat it, and he couldn’t sleep.Mother Liu was extremely worried, thinking that it was better to satisfy her son’s wish.So he asked Liu Zigu to make a dress, rushed to Gaizhou, and asked him to go to the Yao family to talk about his relatives.After a while, he came back and said, "A embroidery has already booked a relative with Guangning people." Liu Zigu listened to bowed his head and was discouraged.The novel wrote the details of the relationship between the two people, and the name of A embroidered did not say it from the mouth until now.

Back to his hometown, Liu Zigu was holding a small box full of aromatherapy rouge filled from A embroidery’s hand. Tears were like rain, and he was in love.It’s right.

The first paragraph of the novel wrote the emotional entanglement of folk girl A embroidery and Liu Zigu.Liu Zigu shows the fierce love. Axiu is a bit reserved and very intelligent. It has the characteristics of a girl who has just arrived in the marriage.

The second paragraph: The fox girl A embroidered Li Dai Tao.

"Wandering to care, there are people who are like in the world." It is about Liu Zigu’s wish, which is also the prerequisite for the fox girl A embroidery.Liu Zixu thought about A embroidery, because of his superb beauty.The image of a fox woman incarnates A embroidery appears, and because she is envious of A embroidery, she is comparable to it.Liu Zigu missed Axiu, hoping that the same person would appear, which is the special psychology of the lover, and the author’s intention to arrange: It is because Liu Zigu is eagerly looking forward to the "like one", and the fox girl A embroidery can be Li Daitao.The feelings of people’s hearts and gods are derived from the life of beauty and love.In fact, the communication between Liu Zigu and the folk girl Axiu played a guidance of the appearance of fox girl Axiu. The real heroine of the novel is the fox girl Axiu.

At this time, there was a matchmaker who came to praise the daughter of the Huang family of Fuzhou. Liu Zigu was afraid that the words would not be true, and ran to Fuzhou to see him.After entering the west gate of the county, I saw a family north. The two door panels were half open. There was a girl in it very much like A embroidery. Then she looked at Liu Zigu while walking and went to the door.It is Axiu!Liu Zigu was very excited, so he rented a house at this neighbor to live, and inquired about who was next door.The landlord said that the next door surnamed Li.Liu Zigu repeatedly guess and doubt, is there such a similar person in the world?After living, Liu Zigu couldn’t find a reason to ask her house, so she had to stay in front of her house every day, hoping that the girl would come out again.One evening, the girl came out, and when she saw Liu Zigu, she immediately returned to her back, her fingers behind her, and covered her palms on her forehead and went in.Liu Zigu is very happy, but he can’t figure out what the gesture of the girl means.He thought for a long time, and when he came to this house, he saw a desolate garden there. The low wall on the west had just reached the shoulder height. Liu Zigu was suddenly cheerful.Squatting into the grass is medium.

After a while, someone showed his head from the wall and asked, "Come on?" "Come!" Liu Zigu agreed, jumped out of the hiding place, and looked at it.Embroidery!Liu Zixing cried excitedly.The girl wiped his tears with a scarf across the wall and soothed him kindly.Liu Zigu said: "I can’t do everything possible as I wish. I think I can’t meet you again in this life. How can I think there are good things like today! But how did you come here?" The girl said, "Li said," Li Li said, "Li said," Li said, "Li said," Li Li said, "Li said," Li said, "Home is my cousin’s house. "Liu Zigu invited the girl to skip the wall. The girl said," You go back first, let the follower go elsewhere, I will come to you. "Her words were sent away, sitting there and waiting.After a while, the girl quietly entered, and the robes were all the same as that year.Liu Zigura sat down and described in detail about her thoughts and the process of being relatives to her family, and then asked: "I heard that you have been engaged, why haven’t you been a door?" The girl said, "I accept the gift of Guangning peopleIt is rumor that my father was too far away and was unwilling to get married with your family because of our two. Maybe he asked you to say a word. "EssenceBy the sky, the girl hurriedly got up, turned over the wall, and left.

This Ah embroidery is a fake Ah embroidery, the fox girl A embroidery.When she turned into Axiu’s appearance in front of Liu Zigu, she immediately showed the characteristics of the sensitive and controlling situation: Liu Zigu found a girl who looked like A embroidered, so stared at this "strange look like it seemed to be likeAh embroidery’s girl is "walking and looking forward", what a smart body language!This implies that she knew Liu Zigu, but was embarrassed to say hello.Then Liu Ziguo was willing to pay for it, and he was sleeping with the "Antan", sleeping with the couch, and was extremely happy.From this description, we found that the embroidery of the fragrant powder seemed to have grown up all of a sudden, both practical and mature.The two recognized each other, and Liu Zixing cried sadly, and A embroidered gently wiped tears for him and comforted him intimately.In the past, Axiu Jiao Jiao is pure and pure, with a bit of high height, which is so active like the current "Axiu" in front of men?Then, the two "both pillow, to turn around, and the rejection of the style, unspeakable", this description means long.This "Antan" is a bit charming, unlike naive girls.Liu Zixing determined that the beauty in front of him was Axiu.But carefully pondering and doubting: First, the old clothes are the sign of identifying Axiu, but how can it not change clothes for several years, it is too true to explain the false; second, the girl’s attitude towards Liu Zigu and the Ah of the yearEmbroidery is different.In the past, Axiu had more young girls. Today, "Axiu" has more maternal gentleness, and she is too sophisticated and mature.But Liu Zigu was immersed in the joy of reuniting with Axiu. Where could you think of this?

Third paragraph: Fox girl A embroidery was broken.

Liu Zixu’s authorities are fascinated, and servants are clear.When Liu Zigu encountered "Axiu", he forgot the idea of seeking relatives in Fuzhou. He lived for a month.One night, the servant got up to feed the horse, and saw Liu Zigu’s room lit with the lights. He looked quietly and saw "Axiu". He was surprised.So the next day, the servant visited the market and checked it. After returning, he showed up with Liu Zigu: "Who is the person who comes with you at night?" Liu Zigu just wanted to conceal it.The servant said, "This place is very desolate, it is the nest of the ghost fox. The son should love himself, why did the Yao family girl come here?" Liu Zigu said, "The west is her cousin, what is wrong with the right place, there is something wrong with the right place.Is the servant said: "I asked clearly. There is only a lone wife in the east neighbor, and there is only a child in the west. There are no other relatives. You should encounter ghosts.The clothes? And this woman’s complexion is too white, the cheeks are slightly thinner than A embroidery, and there is no two small dimples on the face when she laughed.

Smart servants’ eyes were like a torch, and the delicate differences that could not be seen in the love world could see.The "Antan" and "Anti" in front of you are the key to the story of "Axiu".

Liu Zi thought for a while, scared, and said, "What should I do?" The servant said, "Wait for her to come again, we hold her weapon together." At night, the girl came, and she said to Liu Zigu, "I know you doubt me. I have no other ideas, but I have come to an end with you. "Her words were not finished, and the servant rushed over with weapons.I want to say goodbye to your master. "The knife in the servant fell to the ground by himself, as if someone took it from his hands.Liu Zigu was even more scared and barely arranged wine and vegetables.The girl talked and smiled as usual, and said to Liu Zigu, "I know you have always missed Gaizhou Axiu, I want to help you, do my meager power, do you as for the ambush?But I think it is not worse than her. Do you think I am like the embroidery in the past? "Liu Zigu was scared and creepy, and he couldn’t say a word.When the girl heard even three times, she drank her mouth wine, and said, "I’m gone first. When you are a candle in your cave room, I will come to compare with your beauty and see who is more beautiful?"Essence

Liu Zigu and "Axiu" had just been loving and affectionate, and it was difficult to give up. In a blink of an eye, Liu Zigu did not have the slightest nostalgia for "Ahiu". He only considered individual gains and losses.In contrast, the fox girl Ah embroidery is much more generous and much more kind. In front of Liu Zigu, who is waiting for, she is neither a fussy nor a dirty. She is not humble, frank, and generous.She had two layers of meaning to Liu Zigu: First, the Fox Girl originally wanted to help Liu Zigu and his people’s hearts, and did not intend to occupy the nest. SecondIt is not worse than her, and Liu Zigu, who is a lover, can’t tell. Doesn’t it mean that the beauty of the two is not comparable?It is a pity that the fox girl’s heartbroken words are like Dongfeng blowing horse ear for Liu Zigu, and Liu Zigu still rejected the fox girl.For such a widow, the fox girl still resents with virtue, saying, "I go, wait for the candle, and then be more advantageous and bad with the beauty of the Jun family." What does the words of the fox girl A embroidery mean?Are you not love the folk girl A embroidery? I will help you two, and then look with her, which is more beautiful.

Fourth paragraph: Fox girl A embroidery rescue folk girl A embroidery.

Liu Zigu came to Gaizhou and complained that she cheated herself, because the fox girl Axiu said that the folk girl Axiu did not engage with Guangning people.Liu Zigu found a place near Yao’s house and settled in the Yao family and gave a lot of money to Yao’s house.Ah Hui’s mother said, "My uncle found a son -in -law for Axiu in Guangning. Her father went for this reason. Can you not know if you can succeed? When you need to come back, you can discuss your business."Liu Zigu thought about it, and looked around, and couldn’t hold his mind, so he had to stare at the Yao family and wait for the Yao family to come back.Unexpectedly, he had to go away, and he encountered a chaos in the middle of the way.Seeing that he was weak and the guards were not strict, so Liu Zixing took the opportunity to steal a horse and ran away.He ran to the realm of Haizhou and saw a woman, unkempt, and was difficult.Liu Zigu rode Ma Fei from her side, and the woman greeted: "Is the person who is right now?" Liu Zigu held the reins and looked closely. It turned out to be Axiu!He still doubted that she was a fox woman and asked, "Are you really embroidered?" The woman asked, "Why do you say this?" Liu Zigu described his recent encounters.The woman said, "I am really embroidered, not fake. My father took me back from Guangning, because I was caught because of a mutiny, my father asked me to ride a horse, and I fell off immediately again and again. Suddenly, I came.Woman, grab my wrist and urge me to run quickly. We ran in the chaos, and no one asked us. The woman walked like flying, I couldn’t keep up with her, I ran a hundred steps, and the shoes fell several times. We ran several times. We ran several times. We ran several times. We ran several times.For a long time, when I heard the sound of shouting and shouting, the woman let go of my hand and said, "Let’s break up here! The front is a flat and easy way to walk, you walk slowly, love you, love youPeople are coming, you go back with him. ‘"Liu Zigu knew that the woman was a fox woman and was very moved.

Liu Zigu finally discovered his conscience!The fox girl has the power but does not retaliate against Liu Zigu, and does not hurt the love enemy Zhenxiu. Instead, she helps Liu Zigu and A embroidery to meet in the war and build a happy family.In fact, when Axiu fell into crisis, even if the fox girl did not deliberately harmed, Axiu was hard to protect her life, at least innocent and difficult to guarantee.The fox girl rescued A embroidery and asked her to reunite with Liu Zigu.Fox girl, a loved person, has no sadness, no mourning, no jealousy, no grievances, only tolerance and consideration.Love someone, let the person he loves come together with the one he loves.At this point, the fox girl A embroidery is consistent with the female ghost girl.

Liu Zigu and Axiu returned home.After entering the house, Liu Zigu told his mother how he brought A embroidery.Mother Liu was also happy when she heard it, and let A embroidery and washed.Mother Liu likes even more, saying, "No wonder my silly son soul is thrown on you, and you can’t forget to dream." This is the back of the back and the beauty of the embroidery.Mother Liu paved the bedding for Axiu, asked her to sleep with herself, and sent someone to Gaizhou, and sent a letter to the Yao family.After a few days, the Yao family arrived and chose a good day after the wedding was held for Liu Zigu and Axiu, and the Yao family left.Liu Zigu took out the treasure box to see A embroidered.What was the thing in the box, how did A embroidery seal, what is it like now.With a box of fans, Liu Zigu opened it and turned into a red earth.Liu Zigu was very strange. A embroidered with a smile and said, "A few years ago, what did I find it now? At that time, I saw that you would pack me the goods.I deliberately wrapped the red soil and joked with you. "

Fifth paragraph: Two Ah embroidery Bami.

Liu Zigu and the bride Axiu said with a pleasant laughter. Someone opened the curtain and said, "So happy, shouldn’t you thank the matchmaker?" Liu Zigu took a look and came with A embroidery again!So he hurriedly asked his mother to see it.Both Mother Liu and her family came. No one can tell which embroidery is true, and which embroidery is fake.Liu Zigu’s work was unclear, and he looked at it for a long time. He probably thought of the subtle difference between the fox girl Ahousan and the people of the people, the embroidery of the people.grateful.The fox girl Ah embroidery came to the mirror, her face was red and red, and she hurried away.Looking again, it’s gone.For the first time, the two Ah embroidery was more beautiful.

One night, Liu Zigu was drunk and returned to the bedroom. The room was very dark. Liu Ziguang just wanted to light up, and A embroidered came. Liu Zigu held her and asked, "Where are you going?"Said: "The alcohol is smoked! In this question, who would I go to the wild to go to the wild?" Liu Zixing smiled and held her face. Axiu said, "You see, Sister Fox, who is more beautiful?"Liu Zigu said," You are more beautiful than her. But just looking at the people on the surface can’t be seen. "After the door closed, the two went to bed.After a while, someone knocked on the door, and A embroidered and said with a smile, "You are also a person who only looks at the surface." Liu Zixing didn’t understand what she meant, and hurriedly ran to open the door, but standing outside the door was another AEmbroidery.Liu Zigu was shocked, and then he knew that the fox girl who was close to herself.

The second time the two Ah embroidery was more beautiful, and even the husband could not distinguish the authenticity of his wife, indicating that the beauty of the fox girl is no different from the people of the people.Pursuing the years of pursuit of such a year, finally as expected, the fox girl made a gratifying laughter.The fox girl’s persistent pursuit of beauty, the selfless dedication of love, like a flawless gemstone, emits a bright and holy light.The fox girl Ah embroidery was gone, and she could hear her laughter in the darkness.The couple of Liu Zixu saluted the air and begged her to show up. The fox girl said, "I am unhappy." Liu Zixu said, "Why don’t you change it?" The fox girl replied, "I can’t. "Liu Zigu asked again:" Why can’t I? "The fox girl said:" Ah embroidery is my sister, and the previous life died unfortunately. When we were alive, we went to the Tiangong together and saw the Queen Mother of the West, and secretly admired her.When I came back, I deliberately imitated the Queen Mother of the West. My sister was smarter than me. I learned it after learning for a month. I learned it for three months before learning.Unexpectedly, I was the same as in the past. I thank you for your sincerity, so I often come and see, now I am gone. "

It turned out that this was the reason why the fox girl A embroidered from hoping to "compare" the people of the people, Axiu, to repeated beauty.They were sisters and fox essences.Since then, the fox girl A embroidery has come once everywhere, and everything in her family has been solved by her. When she meets A embroidery back to her mother’s house, she will live for many days without leaving.The family was afraid of her and avoided her.Whenever they lost things at home, the fox girl wore gorgeous clothing, with a few inches of long puppets in her head, and called the servant and girl who came to the family.Somewhere, otherwise, there will be a headache unbearable, don’t regret it at that time! "After dawn, she could find something lost in the place she specified.Three years later, the fox girl no longer came. Sometimes, her family lost precious items by accident.The novel began with the fox girl A embroidery imitation of the people of the people, and she ended up with the people of the people of the people.

With sincerity, the golden stone is opened. Under the noble sentiment and warmth of the fox girl, Liu Zigu’s attitude gradually changed.First of all, the husband and wife were grateful to the fox girl, and gave her a tablet to worship her.Later, when the daughter -in -law A embroidered returned to her mother’s house, the fox girl A embroidered came to replace her.The folk girl Axiu simply regarded Sister Fox as a member of the family. She always asked her to ask her and listened to it.

One novel, two Ah embroidery, one true and one or false, really the daughter of the people, the embroidery of the people, and the fox girl A embroidery.They all have a love connection with Liu Zigu, but the story of this true and false Axiu is different from the "Ermei Communist Party" in "Liao Zhai", which is essentially different.The fox girl is not the extra person of love, but the creator of love; not the third party of the family, but the protection of the family.True and false Ah embroidery is not the two women who serve a man, but Yao Huang, Wei Zi, who reflects "beauty" from different perspectives (referring to two valuable peony varieties).Therefore, instead of saying that the fox girl originally pursued Liu Zigu because she loved Liu Zigu, it was better to say that the fox girl was pursuing the beauty of A embroidery, and using Liu Zigu’s misunderstanding to proof and reference for her beauty.After the combination of the fox girl and Liu Zigu, the fox girl’s love for Liu Zigu is true, deep, and forgotten.Facing Liu Zigu’s discrimination and indifference, she was tolerant of forgiveness and helped Liu Zigu to find Zhen Axiu to make a lover a dependent.Love someone does not mean to occupy him forever, and sometimes even needs to choose to give up.I think this is the philosophy of the fox girl, the noble philosophy, and the philosophy of beauty.

In order to be beautiful, the fox girl was diligently refined.In particular, while pursuing the beauty of the embroidery form, the fox girl has obtained unparalleled inner beauty. While cultivating the beauty of the body, the spirit has been sublimated and she is self -reliable.

The good starts to do, and the beauty begins to seek.This is the beautiful mystery of the fox unlocked by "Antan".

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