"The same room" during pregnancy has three great benefits to the fetus, do you know?After reading the collection

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Many people have doubts after they are pregnant, can they still have the same room between husband and wife after pregnancy?What effect does the same room affect the fetus during pregnancy?Will the same room during pregnancy promote the intellectual development of the fetus?

In fact, in the early three months of pregnancy and three months in the third trimester, couples are not recommended to have room in the same room. At other times, they can have the same room. During pregnancy, the same room has these three benefits for the baby.

1) It is beneficial to the fetal brain development

Because when the husband and wife are in the same room, the wife’s body will produce hormones. This hormonal can make the pregnant woman feel happy, the skin is more shiny, and it can also stimulate the shrinkage of the fetal brain nerves. This contraction is conducive to the fetus’s brain’s brain.Development.

But everyone should pay attention that the same room during pregnancy helps the fetal brain development. However, if it is only for the development of the fetus and barely in the same room, it will be upside down.

2) Fetal baby will be happy

The husband and wife in the same room will have a sense of vibration for the fetus in the uterus. This sense of vibration is similar to the swinging thousands. The baby likes this kind of exercise.

3) It is conducive to the relationship between husband and wife

"Applauding for love" is essential in the life of husband and wife.In the same time, the same room will enhance the feelings between husband and wife, make the husband and wife more loving, and the marriage life is happier.

① Select the safety body position

With the continuous development of the baby’s baby, the stomach of the expectant mother is also increasing. In the middle and late pregnancy, the husband and wife can no longer use a flat position when they are in the same room.The risk of uterine compression of large blood vessels may occur.

At this time, the prospective father and mother can choose the position lying on the side.

② Gentle movement

When the husband and wife are in the same room during pregnancy, the husband’s movement must be gentle, and the time should not be too long.

If pregnant women are uncomfortable or have strong contraction, abnormal bleeding, severe abdominal pain, etc., they should stop immediately and go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

③ Pay attention to hygiene and take protective measures

When the husband and wife are in the same room during pregnancy, they should pay attention to hygiene. Before the same room, they must clean the private parts to avoid unnecessary infection and harm to the fetus.

In addition, it should be noted that during the same room during pregnancy, protective measures should be taken. One is because the prostaglandin contained in the semen can shrink the uterus, and the other is to help pregnant mothers reduce the occurrence of vaginal inflammation, cervical inflammation, early water breakthrough.

1. Specific mothers who are unstable during pregnancy

Some expectant mothers have abdominal pain or bleeding after pregnancy, indicating that the situation of expectant mothers is not very good, and it is likely to be a precursor to miscarriage. At this time, the couple cannot be in the same room.

Second, the prospective mother who has had a history of abortion

Some expectant mothers may have miscarriage surgery for some reason, so pay attention when you want to get pregnant and give birth to a child, because your body may not be so good at this time, so try to avoid the life of the husband and wife. This is better for your babyEssence

Third, short cervical mothers

Some expectant mothers, because the cervix is short and in the same room, it is easy to cause premature birth, so these expectant mothers should pay more attention to avoid the same room during pregnancy.

Fourth, prospective mother of high -risk pregnancy

There are also some expectant mothers who will have the prefix of the placenta. If the doctor tells you this situation, then the expectant mothers must refuse the life of the husband and wife, because at this time, the placenta and uterine connection of the expectant mother are not very good.big.There are also expectant mothers with high -risk pregnancy such as prenatal bleeding and incomplete cervix.

Having said so much, I hope that the prospective dad and expectant mothers must pay attention to the same room. Do not have a big loss due to small loss. For the sake of joy, it will cause irreversible impact on the baby.

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