"Return" Fanwai Fifty -seventh: Xiaoyu’s second child is in delivery, Lu Yanchen flew to the delivery room!

After returning home, Lu Yanchen began to arrange work unhappy.

The road team has a lot of work, and the burden is never light.

So it is not easy to take a few days of rest.

But for the sake of their children, for their children, Lu Yanchen was always exhausted.

Finally, Lu Yanchen handled everything.

Lu Yanchen, who did not sleep well for a few days, was driven back to Beijing by his subordinates.

She was reluctant to worry him, but she was his favorite person, and her belly was his flesh.

Lu Yanchen went directly to the hospital. When he called Meng Xiaoying, Meng Xiaoying said that Guo Xiao had just arrived in the hospital for more than half an hour and had not entered the delivery room.

Lu Yanchen almost ran to the delivery room.

Lu Yanchen finally saw the home that was supported by Meng Xiaosong in the corridor.

The contraction of home has been shortened to fifteen minutes, and the pain is very severe.

Lu Yanchen pulled Guo Xiao’s hand to wait in the corridor, and Guo Xiao experienced a pain again. She was convulsive and grieved in front of Lu Yanchen.

The distress spread to endless endlessness.

At this moment, there was a first woman crying in the next room, and the movement was unusual.

The face that is not good -looking at home is even more ugly.

The coming nurses appease the maternal in the ward.

The door of the delivery room was opened, and a mother was launched.

The pain of Gu Xiao had just ended, and she could still separate a little bit of thoughts and thought of things around her, and then she found that Lu Yanchen’s face was very wrong.

He seemed very nervous and uncomfortable.

"What’s wrong with you?" Gui Xiao asked Lu Yanchen.

"Is the mother who just released?" Lu Yanchen said very low, and he understood what he said after a long time.

"Fool, don’t be afraid, that is not an accident. The new mothers and nurses introduced out of the delivery room will cover them intimately because they are afraid of cold." The quilt of the hospital was white, and the mother was covered with her head.Lu Yanchen was startled.

Although she explained it, Lu Yanchen was still nervous.

Over the years, Lu Yanchen has been in a hundred battles and has witnessed many players or old leaders who died around him, and even experienced so many thrilling death lines.

But what you face is obviously different from what you love the most.

The nurse said that she could enter the delivery room. Lu Yanchen pulled Gu Xia’s hand and didn’t want to let it go. He wanted to follow in, but Xiao Xiao disagreed anyway.

"You just wait outside." She must have hurt again, and her frowning sound was light. "You have experienced enough life and death, I just come, I don’t want you to see these."

She went in the delivery room, and he began a long waiting.

The first maternal screaming of the first mother next door, Lu Yanchen was very anxious.

When he was born, he was in a coma, and he did not have any sense of participation in the production of Xiaoying.

This time, he really realized what he was sitting on a needle felt.

In Lu Yanchen’s impression, his home has always been afraid of pain.

Everyone also said that the pain index of having a child is very high, and if he can, he is willing to block all the pain in this world for home.He really didn’t want her to hurt.

The door of the delivery room was cut off all the sounds, and Lu Yanchen anxiously waited for his Xiaoxiao.

When Lu Yanchen was restless outside, Guo Xiao actually felt that he was born smoothly.

The doctor is right, the second child is a little easier than the first child.

Twenty minutes after giving birth, the son was born.

Infusion in the delivery room was observed, and the wrinkled son was on the small bed next to her.

Gui Xiao tilted his head and looked at him, and after looking at him for a long time, he didn’t see who the child was like.

In short, Xia Xiao has a conclusion that newborns are really ugly.

Just like when she was born at the time, she first started her skin, her eyes were closed, and she was very wrinkled. She couldn’t see anyone at all.

When she was tired, she closed her eyes, and she silently told her child that you had to fight like your father, so that he would be fascinated by thousands of girls in the future.But it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t seem to be, my mother wants you to be healthy and happy.

To be continued …

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