"Pregnancy = Gold by Gold"?Employees during pregnancy are scattered and can be expelled by the company?

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Nowadays, with the improvement of women’s status, more and more welfare policies are from the perspective of protecting women’s rights, especially for those pregnant women, in order to protect the power of pregnant women, the labor law has clearly stipulated that any unit must not be allowedFire female employees for marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave and breastfeeding.

As a result, some pregnant female employees have "used" this rights well, and they are negatively worked at work, causing the unit leaders to frequently dissatisfied.

After women, because of their physical changes, her career will also be affected to some extent, which is also no way.Some women have been treated unfairly because of pregnancy, while some pregnant women are arrogant and arrogant relying on their "pregnancy".

Not long ago, a friend who was doing personnel in the company said something like this:

Their company’s business department recruited a female employee. During the trial period, she was lazy and her work performance was only one -third. When the personnel of the unit proposed to dismiss her, she said that she was a pregnant woman and could not be fired.

This situation can be described as very passive, and this female employee is relying on her pregnant woman, and she is frequently late and prematurely. It seems that she is a pregnant woman, just like getting a "gold -free gold medal".

However, the last female employee was fired. Although there was a protection of labor law, another law also stipulated that the workers did not meet the hiring conditions during the probation period.The regulations do not exclude pregnant women.

It can be seen that in the work, even if a woman who is pregnant, if the attitude is lazy and not positive, there will still be the possibility of being fired.

After pregnancy, due to changes in physical condition, many women can no longer continue their own posts as before, so after pregnancy, women who are still working on work must learn to organize their own work.

First, change the post in time

If the previous positions are dangerous, such as "high -altitude operations", "high -intensity work", "strong smell" and other working environments, you must apply for replacement in time to avoid affecting the healthy development of the baby in the abdomen.

Second, work should be arranged reasonably

After pregnancy, women must organize their own work content, and their bodies after pregnancy are easy to tired, so they must be arranged reasonably in terms of working time and work intensity, and do not overwork.

Finally, you must transfer it in advance before vacation

During pregnancy, pregnant women will inevitably ask for leave to do a birth checkup, especially in the second trimester, they must go at home for delivery in advance.In terms of work, you must arrange and reasonably arrange it in advance, and to transfer work, so that you will not feel pressure when doing things.

Compared with those working mothers who insist on work after pregnancy, some women can’t wait to resign and go home for delivery after pregnancy, starting with full -time mothers.The two groups who are also pregnant women, but different treatment, and workplace mothers and full -time mothers do not understand each other.

The mothers in the workplace do not look at those women who go home after pregnancy. Instead of lying at home, they do n’t make a penny, it ’s better to pass the time to work every day.Work.

In fact, after pregnancy, whether it is continuing to work or resigning and returning home for delivery, it also varies from person to person.The suggestion of Tuanzi’s mother is that unless the physical condition is very poor, it needs to be kept for a long time. When the work intensity is okay, you still have to go to work.Generally, at the third trimester, then consider starting to rest.

Duanzi’s mother was resting at home during the 30 weeks of pregnancy during pregnancy. She also needed to take a bus every day. Although she was a bit hard, she was fortunate that she could keep her relationship with society every day.

During the work, there can be regular schedules and exercise. Such a regular life is unable to do many mothers at home.Moms who are at home for delivery are difficult to eat, walk and rest regularly, and work is disconnected from society, and the brain becomes less light.

Therefore, during pregnancy, if the body is really not allowed, you should try to go to work as much as possible. This will have both economic income and can exercise the body.

Tuanzi wants to say:

For those pregnant mothers who have decided to go to work during pregnancy, since they have decided to continue work, they need to work well. If you can’t do the current job, then you need to change your post or resign.If you are late or leave early, you must take leave in advance. These cannot be ignored by the company’s regulations because they are pregnant women.

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