"Popular science in the first hospital" hasn’t come to menstruation for a long time, not necessarily pregnancy

There are often some sisters in life. The menstrual cycle is significantly extended. Sometimes there is no menstrual tide even from 3 months to half a year. The test strip of early pregnancy is obviously negative. Some sisters do not even have a history of sexual life. Why does this happen?

If this happens suddenly, be alert to whether the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) occurs!

What is polycystic ovary syndrome?

The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a lesion characterized by high -esteemmia, ovulation disorders, and polycystic ovaries. It has a high incidence among women in adolescence and childbearing age.More than 85%among more hair women.According to the standard of the Rotterdam Expert Meeting (ESHRE/ASRM) Rotterdam Expert Meeting Standards of European Human Reproductive and Embryo and the American Reproductive Medicine Society in 2003, which meets the following two, eliminating other diseases that cause ovulation disorders and histuria, they can be diagnosed as PCOS.

① Different menstruation is like thin ovulation or no ovulation;

② The clinical manifestations and/or Hennexermia of Highnemiamia;

③ One or bilateral ovarian ≥ 12 follicles with a diameter of 2-9mm.

What clinical manifestations of polycystic ovary syndrome are there?

Pattoor patients may have menstrual scarcity or ovulation, acne, hairy, androgen hair loss, obesity, and can be accompanied by insulin resistance, and blood sugar is higher.

How to treat the polycystic ovary syndrome?

PCOS is an endocrine disorders. According to the patient’s treatment appeal and fertility status, symptoms and severity, and cause, individualized treatment is implemented. Sisters need not worry too much.

1. No fertility needs:

If the sisters have no fertility for the time being, they can improve PCOS symptoms through diversified methods such as reasonable exercise, diet control and behavioral intervention.The effectiveness of physical quality for obese PCOS has been effectively verified. After the physical quality is reduced by 5%-10%, the patient’s ovulation, menstrual cycle, and insulin resistance can be improved.However, it is important to pay attention to the weight loss. Generally, it is advisable to complete the weight loss goal in 6 months!

In addition, under the correct guidance of professional physicians, drugs that regulate menstrual cycles and improve and improveroglocratic alienation can be used to help menstrual rules.

2. There is a need for fertility:

For sisters who are not urgent for fertility, you can expect natural pregnancy or ovulation treatment after the symptoms are improved.

PCOS patients diagnosed with infertility, if there are other infertility factors at the same time, such as men and fallopian tube factors, it is recommended to test tube baby pregnancy for pregnancy.

In short, no matter what kind of situation above, when PCOS -related symptoms occur, they should be diagnosed in regular hospitals in time to relax and take medicine and life correctly under the guidance of professional doctors.

(Author: Li Qian, Department of Reproductive Medicine)

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