"Popular science" vomited to doubt life early, can you only bear it?Two methods can be relieved

Handicating a baby is a joyful thing, but on the road to welcome new life, it is inevitable to "over five levels and six generals."

And in this, the first rush of the brunt is -the early pregnancy reaction: light is mad, mighty to sleep, but the time is not eaten, vomiting to doubt life …

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You who click on this article are you to suffer from pregnancy: open your eyes and vomit, smell the irritating smell (oil fume, perfume), and even see food to spit.

However, many older generations said that pregnancy is normal, and the first three months can be forbearing, and it will be fine in the past.

But can you only tolerate pregnancy?

Is there really no other method of relief?


Why is there pregnant vomiting?

Pregnancy is the normal response of expectant mothers during pregnancy, and the frequency, duration, and degree of pregnancy vomiting is the same as everyone’s appearance. There are individual differences, which are different.

Why would someone vomit and dark, but some people never vomited?Mainly related to these two reasons:

① The level of hormone levels in the body → The phenomenon of nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy is observed to synchronize with the elevation of HCG, so HCG is often regarded as the first factor that induces vomiting.

② Physical differences → Some pregnant mothers are weak before pregnancy. After pregnancy, changes in hormones will seriously affect their digestive system.

HCG generally rises to the highest at 8-10 weeks, and then drops rapidly, so as long as it can survive, most of the pregnancy reactions can improve by themselves at the end of March of pregnancy.

Usually the stomach is uncomfortable, and nausea and vomiting have been uncomfortable for a day or two. Can the early pregnancy reaction that can only improve for 3 months of pregnancy can only rely on tolerated?In fact, before the drama is needed to seek medical treatment, there are many measures to help relieve pregnancy, so that pregnant mothers can spend more comfortably.


Which two methods can relieve pregnancy?

Dietary adjustment method

Too sweet, spicy, and greasy foods can easily cause nausea and vomiting for pregnant mothers.Therefore, remember to do the following points:

① Eat more light, easy to digest and nutritious foods, such as eggs, dairy products, red meat, fish and shrimp, etc.;

② Eat fresh fruits in moderation, such as oranges, strawberries, grapes, bananas, etc.;

③ The empty stomach can also produce nausea. You can always prepare small snacks such as biscuits and nuts.

However, the choice of specific foods varies from person to person. If you have a uncomfortable response after eating food, do not eat it next time. If you eat it, you can try more foods that you react less after eating.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Condor Pattern

If the pregnancy vomiting is severe, it is not used after taking medicine and dietary adjustment. Is there any good solution?In fact, early pregnancy vomiting can be controlled by traditional Chinese medicine intervention. You may wish to try the traditional Chinese medicine treatment -acupuncture therapy.

/Puppet needle treatment/

One of the traditional acupuncture therapy is based on the principle of acupuncture treatment. The special small needle is fixed to the skin of the acupoint for a long time buried method. It is also the development of ancient acupuncture methods.

And pneumatic needle treatment is a kind of shallow thorns in acupuncture, painless, safe and effective.

The needle is to reconcile qi and blood, and adjust the function of the viscera to prevent the disease.

According to the dialectical acupuncture points of the disease, the commonly used acupoints that doctors usually choose are internal levels, Hegu, Zusanli, etc., to play a role in reducing the stomach and relieving liver.

If you are also a quasi -mothers who are troubled by pregnancy, you can also go to our hospital for medical treatment for Chinese medicine acupuncture clinics and consult acupuncture doctors for related diagnosis and treatment!

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