"Playing urine" in pregnant women can not only test pregnancy, but also the color of urine during pregnancy can also reflect the physical condition.

Women who are preparing for pregnancy often have a "quirk", that is, like "playing urine", especially "playing morning urine".This habit made many husbands cry, knowing that it was for pregnancy test, but still felt a little weird.

"Playing with urine three times a day, who do you say?" Husband complained that the first level of pregnancy test was really a "pregnancy test stick", and once you were pregnant, you had to continue this "preference" becauseFrom the color of the urine of prospective mothers, you can also judge the health of the body.

Xiao Mei and her husband have been married for three years. They have always been contraceptives. This year, in order to give birth to a bull, she can do my best.Xiaomei bought back a bunch of ovulation test strips and pregnancy test strips. When she was ovulation, she began to "play urine". After the husband and wife live, they were "pregnancy testing" every day.

Lover and relatives complained that they did not expect that both bridges said that their daughter -in -law had similar experience.Even after discovering pregnancy, there will be two test strips with two bars. I wonder if this is a "quirk"?

Two months later, Xiaomei finally saw two bars, and the speed of pregnancy was also very enviable.

The pregnancy test stick, also known as early pregnancy test strips, is one of the simplest ways for women to test whether they are pregnant.When women are pregnant, judging whether women are pregnant by measuring whether the chorionic gonad hormone in the urine is increased by measuring whether the adenoma in the urine is increased.

After the discovery of pregnancy, the routine urine examination throughout pregnancy is a common item during the checkup. Doctors will use the analysis of the urine of pregnant women to detect whether they suffer from certain diseases, and they will be involved early.

Generally speaking, the "morning urine" of pregnancy test is more accurate, and the level of hormone at this time is more likely to be detected.But in the subsequent routine examination, not every item needs to use morning urine.It doesn’t matter if the doctor has no special instructions.

The urine test cup is usually a capacity of 40 ml. Leave 1/3 of the urine output of 1/3 according to the scale ruler. If it is less than 10ml, it is likely to be rejected by the doctor and need to re -connect the urine.

As a product of a whole set of physiological systems in the body, human urine hidden a lot of health signals, and it is particularly concerned about pregnant women.But do not worry about these two "urine colors".

1) Urine is yellow

The urine is yellow or bright yellow is a normal color. Just according to the usual habit, don’t pay special attention.Generally speaking, the urine is yellowish, indicating that the pregnant mother must replenish the moisture in time.

If she eats folic acid 3 months before pregnancy, some pregnant women’s urine will appear bright yellow, but this phenomenon varies from person to person, and there is no need to feel particularly worried.

2) Urine is orange

If this happens occasionally, think about whether in the recent diet, whether it often eats some foods rich in orange pigments, such as pumpkin, papaya, carrots, etc.

This situation does not have to worry too much, but for expectant mothers during pregnancy, it is necessary to maintain the diversity of food and balanced diet.

These two "special colors" appear in the urine of pregnant women, which need to pay attention to the timely medical treatment.

1) The urine is tan

This situation shows that pregnant women have been plagued by certain diseases, such as acute nephritis, acute jaundice hepatitis, etc., or take some drugs themselves, which will cause the color of urine to change and show tan.

After discovering pregnancy, pregnant women should truthfully introduce the history history with the doctor, and the medication is strictly prohibited. Special circumstances need to be treated with the supervisor’s doctor. Do not affect their health and fetal safety.

2) Purple urine

Purple urine is also a sign of the disease, and most of them are caused by infection. It does not rule out severe urinary tract infections, or even chronic nephritis.

However, this situation is also extremely rare. If you eat a lot of blueberries and purple cabbage, you may also have a small amount of purple urine in the short term. You must know how to distinguish it.

Generally, pregnant women will have a comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination before pregnancy. For those who have diseases, they will prepare for pregnancy after early treatment, so these two situations are relatively rare and don’t worry too much.

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