"New crown has cured my anxiety of infertility": After letting go, can I still get pregnant and have a second child?

Hello everyone, I am a family education instructor Guo Mom ~

01 "The new crown has cured my anxiety about my infertility!"

A colleague of Guo Ma, who has been married to his wife for 5 years, has no children.

Before that, he kept saying that he was not in a hurry to ask for a child, but some time ago, he collapsed: "We don’t want children, but have been unable to conceive.

A big man cried and cried, and the scene was really consent.

In the past two years, they did not worry about their children, and they thought about it, but during this period, the family also kept urging. They also felt that why did they not be pregnant for 2 years?

As a result, they started various inspections, but the results were also okay. The medicine prescribed by the doctor also took countless medicines, but still could not be pregnant.

Gradually, his colleague’s mentality was a bit collapsed. He was very eager to have a child and eager to insomnia and anxiety.In the past two years, their husband and wife not only often went to various hospitals to check their bodies, but also often went to psychologists for psychological treatment.

Money, energy, and spirit were spent, and they couldn’t get a child, but they waited for the epidemic to let go.

It didn’t take long to let go, both colleagues and couples were sunny, high fever, blade throat, cough, nasal congestion, etc. both experienced them.In the rental house, none of them could get up. At this time, they received the bad news from their hometown. A 83 -year -old old man at home was gone.

At that moment, the couples of my colleagues seemed to want to open: What about not being pregnant?I have been guilty like this, so why should the child be given this crime in the world?

After letting go and experienced a new crown, colleagues and wives have a lot of mood, and the smile that can be seen with the naked eye has become more and easy to speak. The colleague said that he is really not anxious!

After the release of 02, how many people gave up the second child

I don’t know if you feel like this. At least, many Bao moms have given up the second child directly.

From the perspective of risk, although it is said that after the yang, it may have little impact on the fetus, but the birth checkup, medication during pregnancy, etc. every month requires extra cautiousness.Coupled with the relatively low resistance of pregnant women, in case of repeated infections, they can only survive it.

Fortunately, if you become pneumonia, or if you have other symptoms?

Some things are not just boiled. As a parent, it is impossible to put Baoma in danger in order to want a second child. After all, there are Dabao at home, at least to be responsible for Dabao.

From the perspective of energy, the probability of yang is too great after liberalization. Although it is said to have 3-6 months of immune time, it is not the possibility of Fuyang, everything is unknown.

In this case, Bao Bao Bao also needs to work, take care of Dabao, and take care of the elderly in the family. At this time, if there is a second child, then the energy is definitely not enough.

Therefore, in order to ensure the temporary quality of life of the family, he dare not conceive the second child easily.

From a child’s perspective, this virus will inevitably coexist with humans. Whether it will disappear or weakens does not know.There is already a child of a child at home, and he does not want to regenerate a child to suffer such sins.

From an age point of view, many Baoma now wants a second child, which is just right, and the age difference between Dabao Erbao is just right.If you miss this time, no matter how late, he is an old and super -old maternal, and naturally he is unwilling to take this danger.

Therefore, from the measurement of multiple angles, many people have actually abandoned the second child in their hearts.

03 Under the epidemic, what preparations should be done if you want to get pregnant?

Of course, in the current environment, it is not suitable for pregnancy, not that you must not get pregnant.Especially for some couples who are not yet children and are preparing for pregnancy, they have the conditions to have children. No matter what the future, they hope to have a child.

In this case, what preparations should be made?

Preparation one: raise and condition the body

Recently, because the infection of many cities has reached its peak period, and the drugs are relatively short, so at this time to get pregnant at this time, it is better to hurry up to raise your body.

Presumably many people have passed. After the sun, many people’s body cannot immediately return to a healthy state. It just takes this time to prepare for the pregnant couple to condition the body and develop good living habits, eating habits, and sleep habits.

Preparation 2: Check before pregnancy, not to be

Because of the epidemic, if there is no way to go to the hospital for pre -pregnancy examination, it is still recommended to put it on.

Because pre -pregnancy examination is really important for pregnancy. Only both sides are healthy and the chance of successful pregnancy will be higher. Most importantly, the possibility of high quality of embryos will be higher.

If some projects are unqualified, they must terminate pregnancy, then for the pregnancy couple, it is not only a loss in time, but also physical damage.

Therefore, do not lose great loss.

Preparation 3: Mental mentality should be put well

I believe that the mentality of many people recently is not good, especially after seeing various severe, high fever, pneumonia, etc. on the Internet.

The information pushed to you on the Internet is screened by big data. The more you pay attention to, the more he pushes.You always like information about the symptoms of the epidemic, so you will find that you have come to this information.

Pay attention to the form of the epidemic, understand the various symptoms that the virus may cause, the matters that need to be paid attention, etc. These are all needed.However, don’t feel like you have a high probability because you brush this.

You know, whether many information on the Internet is true, and not to mention the probability, these problems are very large, and the probability is quite low.

Negative, easy to cause anxiety, look less!

Especially for the preparation couple, the relaxation and anxiety of mentality are very important!

In contrast, Guo’s friend who has been unable to get pregnant, under the new crown, has put down anxiety, which is worth learning.After all, there is another side, we can prepare, just do it!Don’t make yourself sleepy because of these things that have never happened.

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Born a second child, pregnancy, or not, this is a decision after a family trade -off. We don’t have to be too anxious, but we should not fight without preparation.Protect yourself and protect your family. At present, it is more important than pregnancy!

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