"My wife’s birth of the beach really disgusting me": The pain of giving birth to a child is far more than that

Recently, I have brushed a video. After watching it, I ca n’t calm down for a long time.

The video is the accompanying experience shared by a million Internet celebrity @视 视 视 视 视. As a person who comes, she wants to warn everyone: Do not let her husband accompany the birth, there will be shadows!

Chen Xiaoguang said that at first the original intention of letting her husband accompany her birth was to witness the birth of love crystals with her husband, and she would be at ease when she was accompanied by her husband.

But for his husband, the process of accompanying maternity is not so beautiful.

His husband said: As a person who came, I told everyone that men’s tolerance is really not so powerful, and I am still having blood.

When describing his experience of accompanying his birth, he said more and more vigorously. In his opinion, his wife was very relaxed that day, that is,: sweating hard, nothing!

But he was scared by him.

"One pool of blood, the whole scene is very bloody, I will vomit at the scene!"

"Cut the umbilical cord, go down, nourish, the sound … goosebumps fall into the ground!"

Immediately afterwards, he also gave an example of his friend, saying that his wife’s wife asked her husband to accompany the birth. As a result, the doctor put the whole hand in front of his face, and pulled out his bloody hand. A friend of friends scared directly.

As a companion, he summarized a "truth" to the fans: to let her husband accompany the birth is equivalent to forcing him to divorce!

Seeing this, I believe that many mothers are the same as pregnant mothers. They are a whole expression of speechlessness. The wife died in pain in the delivery room. The whole person seemed to be torn.Described.

You can see that his wife is so painful, so grit his teeth and insist on carrying waves of contractions after another. In his opinion, "I used a little force, sweated, and did not do anything."

Looking at his wife so much blood, the first thing he thought of was not distressed, but terror!It’s disgusting!Want to vomit!IntersectionIntersectionReally cold heart for her wife.


I do n’t know how to accompany the delivery of a child to say that the child was born, "I used a bit, sweated a little, and did not do anything." This kind of words.

In the "We" program, Sha Yi experienced delivery through the instrument testing, and a big man’s pain was embarrassed.

But do you know that in reality, women’s childbirth pain is 10 times or even 100 times stronger than testing with instruments, and it will face life -threatening.

The pregnancy childbirth faces not only the pain during childbirth, but also even the danger of organs or life.

Lin Qin, a 38 -year -old woman in "The World", did not grow well during pregnancy. The blood could not stop flowing during production, and the thick blood column sprayed directly.

Usually people have a maximum blood transfusion of 200 ml at a time, and Lin Qin has been lost 6000 ml, although this is still dying.

At that moment, the only way was to cut off the uterus and completely locked the bleeding point of the uterus.

Her husband hesitated again and again, and the doctor explained repeatedly: "No more life is gone, it’s not easy for your wife to …"

In the end, Lin Qin’s uterus was removed. She took the loneliness of "changing life with life" in exchange for "mother and child peace".


In the eyes of many people, having children is the nature and responsibility of women, and everything is reasonable.

For this "for granted", women have paid a lot.

Stretch marks, uterine falls, urinary incontinence, body deformation …

Liu Yajuan, a beauty executive, issued 80 pounds after getting married and had a child, and was abandoned by her husband and asked to divorce.

Before getting married, my husband vowed to say, "I really want to keep you fat, because you will not run away after getting fat."

After two years of giving birth, her weight has not recovered, and her beautiful woman has become an unbearable fat woman in her husband’s mouth:

"You can do it when you are thin, but you can’t stand it now!" The big change of 180 degrees attitude is sighing.

In the comments, most of them scold the men’s sings for girls, but there is no shortage of such remarks: "I think this lady should find the cause from her first! It is not a reason to have a child to be overly obese."

People who speak the windy words are afraid that they do not know how much influence on a woman.

Most of the postpartum obesity is caused by increased hormone in the body and chaos of secretion. Compared with the blessing of other factors, changes are more difficult.


It is said that fertility is a matter of two people, the common thing of the father and mother, and a family matter.

Actually not, there are often only women who really face everything!

Whether during pregnancy or after giving birth, mothers are always suffering alone. They are exploring in the darkness and suffer from physical discomfort alone, but they have to bear the malice from the people.

I hope that dads can participate in the process of breeding more, and maybe this will experience the difficulty of mothers.

During pregnancy, you can accompany the birth inspection, take a walk, and do prenatal education together.

During childbirth, if it is not halo or poor psychological tolerance, you can accompany the delivery. Give your wife more encouragement and courage, and you can feel the difficulty of childbirth.

After giving birth to a more confidence, the postpartum body recovery not only takes rest, but also needs a good mood.

Marriage needs to be operated, and after the child, the family needs parents to cooperate together.

May my dad give more care and understanding of mothers, and at the same time of giving birth to babies, they can also be more happy!

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