"Maternal and Child Science Popularization" obstetric expert Liang Zhiyuan reminded: pregnant, don’t forget to screen thyroid function

Studies have shown that thyroid diseases during pregnancy will have a serious impact on pregnant women and fetuses, which may cause abortion, fetal death, and abnormal brain development.However, the symptoms of thyroid disease during pregnancy are not obvious, and it is easy to delay treatment due to ignoring.Here, Liang Zhiyuan, director of the Overbacco Hospital of Xuzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital, reminded: It is best to conduct thyroid disease screening during pregnancy.During pregnancy, expectant mothers should be screened on time and regulatory for production inspection, especially during early pregnancy, and must be screened by thyroid function to detect and intervene in time in a timely manner.

The abnormal thyroid function affects the intellectual development of the fetus

According to Director Liang Zhiyuan, the most common thyroid disease during pregnancy mainly includes thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism), hyperthyroidism (hyperthyroidism), thyroid nodules, and sub -clinical hyperthyroidism, hyperthyroidism, etc.

Whatever, abnormal thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy may cause harm to expectant mothers and fetuses."Especially for hypothyroidism during pregnancy, it will increase the risk of premature birth, abortion, low weight, death, premature fetal peeling, and pregnancy hypertension, which also affects the development of fetal nerve nerve intelligence. In the early pregnancyThe development of neural intelligence that affects future generations has reduced future generations’ intelligence, behavior, and cognitive scores. "Director Liang emphasized.

The sub -clinical thyroid dysfunction is related to the increased risk of abortion, placental peeling, premature birth, aura eclampsion and newborns.Therefore, the thyroid function should be screened during pregnancy.

Five examinations of thyroid function are essential

It is understood that the thyroid function screening during pregnancy has already been included in the production inspection items.Director Liang reminded that when many pregnant mothers set up cards for screening cards in the first three months of pregnancy, they often only do thyroid hormone (TSH) screening.However, the standardized clinical examination is best to perform thyroid antibody examination, such as the five items of armor, including FT3 (free trimetonicine), FT4 (free thyroxine), T3 (serum trimethylsine) T4Serum thyroxine) and TSH (thyroid hormone).

"This is because if the thyroid itself antibody is positive, the treatment of the entire pregnancy is different from the negative treatment of thyroid antibody. So don’t just do one TSH test. Once the thyroid function is abnormal, it must be treated in a timely manner. IfClinical hypothyroidism and earlier treatment are better for children’s development. "

If the thyroid abnormalities are found, the thyroid function should be checked regularly during the treatment process.At first, it may be checked every 2 to 4 weeks. When the thyroid function is stable, it can be checked once every 4 to 6 weeks.If you miss an examination in early pregnancy, you must check the thyroid function at 26 to 32 weeks.

Do not be nervous to follow the doctor’s advice for abnormal thyroid dysfunction

Pregnant mothers who have been diagnosed with clinical hypothyroidism or sub -clinical hypothyroidism should not be afraid.

Director Liang introduced: "The treatment of abnormal thyroid dysfunction is also very simple. When pregnant women’s thyroid dysfunction is reduced, you need to replenish L -rotated glandine sodium tablets to ensure the patient’s thyroid function to avoid affecting the intellectual development of the fetus. According to the specific situation of the patient, take half tablets, and take half tablets, and take half tablets.One or two pieces, as long as you follow the doctor’s advice. If it is hyperthyroidism, it needs to be treated with hyperthyroidism. After treatment, the fetus will develop on schedule and will not affect production.Moms don’t have to be too scared. "

Expert reminder:

Breeding healthy babies is the desire of each family. Pay attention to thyroid health. Do not forget to do thyroid function screening in the early stages of pregnancy.The entire pregnancy should also be regulated on time and regulatory production inspections. Early intervention will be discovered early to minimize the risk of bad endings.


Liang Zhiyuan

Chief physician

Director of the Eight Homestors

After graduation, he has been engaged in clinical work of obstetrics and obstetrics. He has been studying at Nanjing Gulou Hospital, and has accumulated rich clinical work experience. In recent years, he has mainly engaged in obstetric work, participating in the management of prenatal diagnosis of obstetrics.And the prenatal diagnosis of birth defects is good at the diagnosis and treatment of various complications and complications of obstetrics, such as hypertension during pregnancy, diabetes during pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, etc., as well as the management of high -risk production processes in obstetrics, such as the vaginal delivery of scar uterus.He served as executive member of the Jiangsu Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Society, and a member of the Xuzhou Municipal Medical Society, published a number of papers in publications above the provincial level, and has won a number of municipal scientific and technological progress awards.

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Correspondent/Editor: Yao Meng

Review: Liang Zhiyuan

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