"It’s better to die" when migraine pain, pay attention to common incentives, once 4 moves are eased

Migraine headache, probably only the person who has experienced it knows what is "painful", and there are no symptoms when you don’t have an attack. Once you attack, it feels like "life is better than death" …

According to epidemiological statistics in my country in 2010, among the 18-65-year-old people, the prevalence of migraine headache is 9.3%, and it is mostly ill at children and adolescence. 2.1 times.

Migraphy is the most common type of primary headache in the clinic. It is a chronic neuropathic disease with recurrent attacks. For migraine, many people are prone to misunderstandings and believe that it is one side headache.

In fact, the migraine is called migraine because it has the characteristics of biased pain, but it is not to say that all patients with migraine have side pain.

The survey shows that 60%-80%of patients are biased headaches, 20%-40%of patients are bilateral headaches, and some patients may have the first pain on the left, and then change to the right pain. This alternately changes.pain.

During the seizure period, it can be accompanied by symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, as well as photocopy sound. About 1/3 of patients with migraine patients will experience some symptoms of the plant nervous system before the onset., Change of eating habits, etc.

In addition to partial pain, migraine has many other characteristics.Let’s take a look at it together!

Typical symptoms of migraine

◆ Different places where each patient is in pain, the left/right/top/back/behind the entire head is possible. Typical symptoms are severe in the severity of the attack.

◆ The length of the pain in each patient is different, and it is possible for 4 to 72 hours. Most 72 hours will heal themselves. There is no difference with the health group when it does not hurt.

◆ The pain is severe and gradually aggravated, and it will recur. Although it is terrible, there is no organic lesions in the brain;

◆ Often accompanied by nausea and vomiting;

◆ Vague vision, dizziness or syncope;

◆ Light, sound stimulation, or daily activities can increase headaches. The quiet environment and rest can relieve headaches. The attacks often cannot study and work normally.

◆ There is no healing method, and it is invincible. If you do n’t agree, you will toss. Usually, you will gradually improve/no longer.(Such as women after menopause)

Migraphy is divided into seizure of migraine and chronic migraine. If it is not controlled in time or improper treatment, it may be transformed from the seizure of migraine to chronic migraine.Serious impact will cause patients with diseases such as anxiety, depression and digestive systems, and affect life and work.

There are many causes of migraine headache, which may induce migraine

Diet: Food such as eating high -cheese foods (chocolate, cheese) can also induce migraine. In addition, irregular diets, three meals a day are quantitatively quantitative or overdible, can also induce this disease.

Stress or stress: Stress, tension, emotional instability, etc. from work or life make people nervous and anxious, leading the brain to stress, thereby inducing migraine.

Feeling excitement: Strong light, loud sound, strong smell (perfume, paint, second -hand smoke) can induce migraine.

Wake-up-changes in sleep mode: Insufficient sleep or excessive sleep can induce migraine.

Sports activity: Strong physical activity may induce migraine.

Environmental changes: Studies suggest changes in weather or air pressure can also lead to migraine.

Drugs: Many people use medicine to take medicine to relieve pain, resulting in excessive use of sexual headache;

Genetic: Migraphy has hereditary perceptual, and more than 60 % of patients have a family genetic history.

Nervous disorders, endocrine or metabolic disorders: When the brain nervous system is excessive, it can cause disorders of the nerve and then induce migraine.At the same time, migraine is also related to the level of hormone in the body. At the adolescent period, the migraine is prone to attack, showing the rules of menstrual seizures. Some women have decreased or disappeared after pregnancy or menopausal migraine.

How to effectively relieve migraine?

There are two misunderstandings to treat migraine:

1. Too anxious

Many people are worried about the disease of the disease after encountering me, or there is a reason for a secondary doctor to seek medical treatment everywhere.

Do too much inspections, try all kinds of recipes, and hope that at all costs to completely cut off the magic claws, but it is always like a shadow.

2. Too random

Other people are too casual to deal with migraine. Each seizure is relieved by painkillers, which eventually leads to excessive drugs.Or it does not improve lifestyle, such as the appearing of migraine in the summary of migraines, and still cannot quit alcohol.

The correct practice is that if any symptoms or signs occur, you should immediately go to the neurology clinic of the regular hospital to seek medical treatment. It is clear what kind of incentives (some smell, sound, light, food, drugs, etc.).We met the road narrowly.

1. Sudden, severe headache;

2. Headache with fever, neck stiffness, mental chaos, epilepsy, recovery, fatigue, numbness, or speech disorder;

3. Headache after head injury, especially headache, worsen;

4. Cough, tiredness, tension or exercise, headache worsen;

5. New headaches over 50 years old;

During the attack, it is fast analgesic and maintenance.

1. Eat analgesic drugs when it starts with pain

For patients with migraine who cannot do surgery and require long -term medication, taking medicine is also skillful.

Don’t wait until the pain is too long. At this time, the control effect may not be good, but it may cause adverse reactions due to poor control of the dose of the drug.

When taking it, patients can eat some small biscuits and other foods to reduce the stimulation of the stomach.After taking it, pay attention to the lighting of light to help control the pain in the tolerance range.

2. Frequent seizures, consider preventive medication

If the patient’s migraine causes frequent headaches, the pain per month is at least 2 to 4 times, and it is necessary to consider preventive medications under the guidance of a doctor. Generally, it includes antidepressants, antimony antimony, antiepileise, and regulating neurotransmitters.Essence

3. Hot water immersion

When migraine, you can immerse your hands in hot water, and the water temperature can be tolerated.Persist in immersion for half an hour can expand the blood vessels of the hand, and the blood of the brain is reduced accordingly, so that the migraine is gradually reduced.

4. 3 more intake of 3 kinds of nutrients

In addition to drug treatment, multiple studies have shown that certain nutrients also help relieve migraine without any side effects.

Omega 3 fatty acids: exist in salmon, sardines, linen seeds, walnuts and other foods.Vitamin B2: It exists in foods such as dairy food, egg yolk, green leafy vegetables, grains, beans, nuts, and animal organs.Magnesium: It exists in Xiaomi, buckwheat noodles, soybeans, mushrooms, laver, longan, peanuts and other foods.

Expert reminder

Most migraine headaches are due to the compression of the nerves on the scalp, and under certain conditions to release the pain, stimulate the nerves, and cause pain. In severe cases, this stimulus will be transmitted to the brain stem with the nerves, causing nausea, vomiting and other brainsSymptoms.

Surgical methods can be considered for treatment. The solution is to remove the blood vessels that compress the nerves, that is, microvascular decompression surgery.

If you do not choose surgical treatment, migraine can start with many aspects such as adjusting lifestyle, drug therapy, non -drug treatment, psychotherapy, etc., and multi -pronged approach can effectively prevent and reduce migraine attacks.


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