"Is it wrong to have a durian during pregnancy?" My husband’s attitude made me end my marriage

For a woman, marriage is the beginning of her second life, and whether such a new life can live happily depends on what kind of man he has chosen.Each married couple hopes that the couple can live with the beauty for a lifetime.But marriage is the same as love, and it will always face many unknown things, and the results will often be different.

Some women choose a man who really loves themselves. After marriage, men will love to cherish themselves even more. Such a woman who lives like this will live very happy after marriage.But not every woman can be so lucky. At one time, I chose the right half that can really bring happiness to themselves in their lives.

Many women in real life are not so lucky. Life after marriage is not as happy as she is imagined, but more troubles and sorrows.

When Xiao Jie’s husband was in love, the two were very sweet, and the love between the two also made many people around him very envious.So after a period of time, the two decided to get married.Xiao Jie originally thought that the life of two people would be as sweet as ever after marriage, but what made her unexpected was that her husband was completely judged after marriage before marriage.

Soon after we got married, I found that I was pregnant.Because I usually do n’t have a good reason, I know that after I was pregnant, I proposed to my husband that he wanted to quit his job and relieve his fetus at home.The husband also considered this at the beginning, and there was nothing to oppose the opinions I made.

But then I slowly discovered that my husband was getting less and less at home, and he was less and less concerned about me.Because my pregnancy response was serious than ordinary people in the early stages of pregnancy, and there was no one who could take care of me.At this time, my husband should care and take care of me even more, but he did not do anything.

Coupled with my own resignation at home, there is nothing to do, so it is easy to think about it.And my husband is still cold or hot, and has not cared about me, as if pregnancy is a matter of me alone.His approach also made me particularly sad.

However, because I quit my job, without the source of the economy, all the expenses in the family depended on my husband.In addition, I don’t want my child to face the reality of parental divorce as soon as it is born.But then I found that my husband’s approach became more and more excessive.

That day I suddenly wanted to eat durians, so I called my husband to ask him to buy me when he got off work.This was originally a small thing, but what I didn’t expect was the performance of my husband, which made me completely disappointed with him and was completely disappointed with this marriage.

"Eat and eat, you know to eat! There is nothing to do at home all day, and there are so many requirements. Durian is very expensive, you can’t afford it!" When I heard my husband saying me like this, I burst into tears and cried back."It’s so hard to get pregnant, do I want to eat durian wrong?"

After hanging up the phone, I packed my luggage and left my parents’ house.Parents knew that I was very angry after I was wronged, and I also agreed to divorce and leave this irresponsible man.Later, I still killed the child and did not want the child to be born in a unhappy family.

For a woman, if you can’t feel happiness in the marriage, and you can’t enjoy the love of his husband’s love for herself, then such a marriage is meaningless.

Especially for women during pregnancy, their hearts are more fragile.At this time, women also need to take care of and are always concerned about psychological changes.If a man is pregnant when women are pregnant, they will not be cold or hot, and they will not be responsible for a husband and father, which will make women very cold.

In fact, a woman has to have a great courage to agree and accept a man to form a family with him.After setting up a family, women are willing to pay a lot of themselves for this family, but the premise is that her husband loves herself.If the husband does a chill, even sorry for himself, women will also have the courage to give up this marriage.

Therefore, if a man wants to have a happy family and can accompany his wife for a lifetime, then care and accompany his wife.Don’t let your wife be wronged, and even feel cold because of some of his behaviors.

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