"I’m pregnant, let’s get married."

Text/Sister Sister, a pen wrote all love and marriage.


What would you do if your girlfriend is pregnant?I believe that the responsible man will kneel and propose, and immediately prepare for the marriage and give my wife and children a home.

But not every man can do this in the relationship, nor is every woman who can meet people worthy of entrustment.Zhang Jia recently broke up, talked to her boyfriend for 3 years, paid everything, and finally got this ending.

Zhang Jia, 30, should have been talking about marriage. She has been waiting for her boyfriend’s proposal, but she did not expect that she would break up.In the past three years, Zhang Jia and her boyfriend have not had a good relationship, but Zhang Jia loved him very much and felt that at this age, he could not meet better.

One person is around, just catch it.Some time ago, Zhang Jia was pregnant. She thought that with a child, she could marry her boyfriend.

That day, she took a pregnancy test stick and ran to her boyfriend to cheer: "I’m pregnant, let’s get married." "Broken, I have no money now." This sentence is like a large pot of cold water, from Zhang JiaPour on your head, get cold from the neck to the soles of your feet, and then cool into your heart.

Zhang Jia cried on the spot. The boyfriend explained that if he really got married and had children, his current salary could not be raised at all, and he would wait for him to make money before remarried.

Zhang Jia understands her boyfriend’s concerns. After all, getting married and having a child requires a lot of costs. There is no economic foundation. It is really difficult.


Zhang Jia understood her boyfriend’s worry, but his attitude still made her feel chill.

Since you are not married, you can only go to the hospital to kill your child.Before surgery, Zhang Jia ran a lot of hospitals because of various medical examinations.This process was very difficult, and her boyfriend did not accompany her, but just said he was too busy.

Even on the day of the surgery, her boyfriend came to the hospital to pick her up after the operation.At the time, many people underwent had a husband, and only Zhang Jia was accompanied by friends.For the first time, Zhang Jia was panicked.

However, Zhang Jia’s boyfriend was only half of the cost of more than 2,000 surgery.Zhang Jia didn’t care about this, she knew that her boyfriend had no money.After the operation, Zhang Jia had rest at home for a few days, and her boyfriend would not see the shame all day long.

After experiencing this incident, Zhang Jia, who was originally insecure, was more anxious. She was afraid that her boyfriend would not want her.Probably pregnancy makes the body hormone changes, Zhang Jia always tears often and quarrels with her boyfriend.The tighter Zhang Jia chased, the more boyfriend wanted to escape.

In the past, her boyfriend would spend the weekend with Zhang Jia for a week. Since experiencing this, he would rather play games with her friends and accompany her.Zhang Jia was suffering in his heart, always crying alone at night.She knew the answer in her heart, but she was unwilling to accept it.


In the months after the operation, Zhang Jia’s status was very poor, and they were divided into combination with her boyfriend, and they could not see the future.My friend saw Zhang Jia so sad, and persuaded her to break up. If such a man couldn’t, he would not love you at all.

Zhang Jia didn’t know, she just didn’t want to accept and face it.After all, I am 30 years old. Can I find it better after breaking up?Moreover, if you have been fetal, other men will mind.In this relationship, Zhang Jia was very humble. She was afraid that the other party slipped away, so she had to catch it tightly.

However, love, you want the sand in your hand. The tighter you caught, the faster you lose.Zhang Jia knew these, but she was in trouble.The indifference of her boyfriend disappointed her again and again.

The other party gave her a little sweetness, and she immediately burned the spark.She comforted herself countless times, and the other party loved me. He just did not accompany me at work. He just had no money to not marry me.

Love cannot be found, and it cannot be forced. It is not a long -term for self -deception.Now, Zhang Jia and her boyfriend are still breaking up, Zhang Jiati.She can no longer bear her boyfriend’s indifference and carelessness. She is separated, which is better than two people.


"I’m pregnant, let’s get married." "Could you do it, I have no money now." This sentence was pierced into Zhang Jia’s heart like a knife. This relationship was over after all.No one knows how long she made this decision.

I thought I would walk with him to whiteheads, but there was a passerby.Women are always soft -hearted in their feelings. They know that the other party is not enough to care about themselves, but as long as the other party says a good words, you will temporarily forget all the previous injuries.

A man, if you don’t love you, will not be responsible for you.Even if you are pregnant or difficult, he has never included you in his future. It is difficult for him to think about it for you.

Many times, women know the truth, but they still lie to themselves.In fact, a man loves you, how can you not feel it?

That response is getting slower and slower, the more indifferent words, the love words that have not been spoken for a long time, the hug that has no temperature is the answer.

It’s just in it, unreasonable, and go away with feelings.The cruel thing is that the more you love, if you don’t love you, you will be difficult to last after all.Love is a game of two people, and one person’s unicorn can’t sing.

Finally, I hope that every woman will be treated gentle, and I hope that every woman can meet people who love themselves.

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If you are pregnant and the other party will not marry you, will you give birth?

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