"I want to hurt me, no door", the baby’s hand holding the nursery ring is born, and even the doctor watched it

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Pregnancy is a happy thing for every woman who prepares well. Although each child is a gift given to his parents from heaven, if the mothers already have children, or take contraceptive measures, in the end, in the endStill conceiving a child, maybe the mood will become very complicated.

The baby born in the contraceptive ring: "I want to hurt me, no door", it is too domineering!

There is a couple who has had a child, and there is no plan to have a second child for the time being, so the mother chose to place a contraceptive ring in the palace.

But one day she found that her body was very uncomfortable, so she went to the hospital for examination. I did not expect that the result was surprised by her and her husband because she was pregnant successfully.

Thinking of myself on the ring and conceiving the child, it may be a fate with the child, so I decided to give birth to the child.

What surprised them even more was that after the child was born, he was holding a contraceptive ring tightly in his hands, as if telling everyone to "want to hurt me, no door", my fate is in my own hands, and even the doctor saw it when he saw it.After a long time, it took a long time.

Later, after the incident was exploded online, it also caused a warm discussion of the public. Many netizens excitedly said, "This child is really strong, it must be the son of heaven."

Some netizens joked: This baby just controls his destiny in his own hands, it is too domineering!Some netizens said, "This breeding ring became the first toy of the baby."

It is really strange to think about it, because in everyone’s cognition, Sheung Wan is an effective way to contraceptive, and the success rate of contraception is also very high. Suddenly, the child is really puzzling.

In fact, bringing a contraceptive ring may also cause women to pregnancy accidentally, because any contraceptive method cannot achieve 100%of contraceptive effects.

And the body of each woman is different, and the effect of contraception is naturally different. It is like some women are easy to get pregnant, and some women are difficult to conceive the truth.

Of course, women who have become pregnant with contraceptive ring are not only one in the above. There are also some women in life. They also bring the contraceptive ring, and they also conceive their children.

With a contraceptive ring, there are more than one mother who is still pregnant with the child

Hey Mommy: I also take this kind of ring pregnant. When I was four months, I was bold every day, because the doctor did not give up, and said that there was the possibility of breaking the pregnancy sac at any time, but I thought it was a tenacious life after all.let it go.

Later, lying on the bed every day, I couldn’t do anything. I bleed when I had more activities, but the hospital checked several times and said that it was very good.Some time ago I chose a cesarean section, and the children were healthy in all aspects.

Wowotou Mom: I brought a birth ring, because the country had not released the second child policy at that time, but in fact, I always wanted to have a daughter in my heart.

After all, my daughter is a mother’s intimate cotton jacket, and my husband especially wants a daughter.

Last year, I had been nausea for a while, so I went to the hospital to check and found that I was pregnant. At that time, I was looking forward to being a daughter. It was really a girl, but I was always open to me.

Happy Dad: The second child in our family was pregnant after I brought the birth ring. At that time, I didn’t plan for my child to plan. It really made me caught off guard.

In the past, I thought that I would not get pregnant with the contraceptive ring, and I often went out to climb the mountain or something.Now when you think about it, you will be afraid. Go to the hospital to check the doctor and say that there is no problem. After a long time, I finally gave birth to my husband.

I am still waiting for my child to be born at ease, hoping that children can come to us healthy and healthy.

The number of domestic use in the country is almost as many as the number of people who use contraceptives, and women who have unmarried or unmarried or have no surrogacy plans use contraceptives.

There are usually children who do not want to have a contraceptive ring, because this contraceptive method is relatively long, and the contraceptive rate can reach almost 90%in the future.

If you want a child later, go to the hospital to take out the contraceptive ring, and then adjust it for a while, and then you can still get pregnant normally.

▼ Generally speaking, the reasons for pregnancy will be pregnant, which cannot be removed from these types:

1) It may be related to its own physique

Everyone’s physical condition is different. Some women are easy to get pregnant, and some are difficult to conceive their children, but if you want to conceive a baby, it is not easy for an event.It has a certain relationship with its own constitution.

2) The position of the contraceptive ring has changed

The reason why women are pregnant may be partly because the position of the in -palace is changed, and there are situations such as moving or falling off. Of course, it may also be the quality problem of the contraceptive ring itself.

Therefore, although the contraceptive ring can be contraceptive, it cannot guarantee that it can reach 100 % of the contraceptive effect, and there will always be unexpected situations.

However, going to the hospital on time to check the possibility of accidental pregnancy to a certain extent.

3) The contraceptive ring expires

Each kind of birth ring has a life limit. Few people will notice that some people feel that they will not be pregnant when they are on the ring, so they don’t need to pay attention to others, and they are particularly assured until they accidentOnly to entangle the reasons.

In fact, the contraceptive ring exceeds the normal use period, and its contraceptive effect will be greatly reduced, and it may even endanger the health of women. Therefore, everyone must pay attention.

In fact, there are many ways to contraception. It is not just a breeding ring to choose from. If other methods can be taken, it is best not to choose a birthplace, because the birthplasium is very harmful to women after all.

Therefore, if you really want to contraceptive and have no sequelae, it is still recommended to use a condom, which will not hurt both men and women, and the contraceptive effect is very obvious.(Circle cards have been added here, please check today’s headline client)

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