"I have experienced pregnancy and vomiting!"

27 Marriage, after a bad pregnancy, finally as expected.

But pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy is a hurdle that cannot be bypassed.

From two months of pregnancy, signs of pregnancy have gradually appeared.At first it was only occasionally nausea, and gradually became to eat.

The feeling of pregnancy vomiting is really different from usual vomiting and nausea!The feeling of pregnancy is that the stomach is stirred, especially after eating things, the stomach goes up like something, and the top is pushed up until the whole thing is spit out, and then the yellow water is spit out, and then the black water is spit.In the end it was vomiting blood …

That’s right, vomit blood!Big mouth and vomiting!

I even felt that I was pregnant for a moment, as if my life was stubborn …

The doctor said that the gastric mucosa was damaged, there was nothing in the stomach, and the vomiting was too frequent, and even the acid water vomited.

But even if it has vomited blood, the bloody taste will spread the entire mouth, the more vomiting, the more disgusting.

This situation did not gradually decrease until three months, and the weight before pregnancy was 107. At this time, the weight was less than 100 pounds.

Once I was particularly impressed by my particularly serious pregnancy reaction.

I kept vomiting from getting up in the morning. My husband told me not to go to work. Take a break. I was under pressure from the leadership. I didn’t listen and insisted on going to work. It turned out that I was really wrong!

When you arrive in the company, you will vomit once in a few minutes, and finally take a trash can on your feet …

I kept coming from the quiet office, and I couldn’t care about embarrassment.

Until the afternoon, I had vomited to get rid of it, and I couldn’t even drive the car. Later, I asked my husband to come to drive and pick me back.

Then the whole night was vomiting!I dare not lie down. I want to vomit when I lie down. I feel better when I sit. I do n’t know how I spent this night, but I feel so long.Finally, it was dawn, and the toss of the day and one night, my weight actually dropped 5 pounds!

During this period, I went to the hospital for a week, because I couldn’t eat anything, and I hit a week.

Although pregnancy vomiting is very painful, but now I have given birth to a child, and I do n’t think it ’s unbearable memories. Instead, I feel very memorable.

I think the biggest reason is my husband.

Throughout pregnancy, I am very grateful to his dedication and care. It can really be said to be meticulous, especially the week I was hospitalized. I took care of it for 24 hours.

These care given me psychological support and comfort!

I think the experience of many people in pregnancy is unbearable. The big problem is that they are on the other half.Pregnancy is the most special day of a woman’s life. Men who are husbands can have snacks!

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