"I don’t know that I am pregnant every day." It turned out that I ignored this, which is really embarrassing.

Recently, I saw netizens commented, "I am too ignorant, and I do n’t even know that I am pregnant every day. After listening to her below her, many netizens often do such things. Especially for women who are preparing for pregnancy for the first timeFor children, it really ignores this, which is really embarrassing.

The 10th day of netizens: I am a particularly accurate menstrual cycle. The menstruation arrived on the 10th last month, but this month has not yet come on the 10th, and then I have tested it every day from the 10th.But every time I did not wait for a minute, it was a bar.

Day 14: I didn’t read the manual!When I always thought that when I was pregnant, I thought that I was not pregnant, so I threw it away.I suddenly remembered whether I was a pregnancy test.Then go online to search for a search. What brand is better?It turns out that everyone will wait for the pregnancy test stick to do if there are double bars.I tried this morning, and the double bars were directly.I turned over the garbage a few days ago, and it turned out to be a double bar.

1. When used, the packaging aluminum foil film is torn away along the gap and removed the pregnancy test stick;

2. Put on the disposable plastic film gloves attached to the box, pinch the end of the handle of the pregnancy inspection stick with your thumb, and tilt one end of the urine pores towards the bottom. Pay attention to the observation of the pregnancy test.Above;

3. Met the urine inhalation hole on the side of the pregnancy test, so that the urine passes through the urine -absorbing hole, and maintains the urine time of 1 to 2 seconds

4. The pregnancy test will observe the window facing the window, and continue to hold the pregnancy test stick. When you see the purple -red liquid on the observation window, the purple -red line will appear in the window within 1 minute.You can read it in 1 minute, and the results of not pregnancy must be determined after 3 minutes.The results of the interpretation after 5 minutes are invalid!At any time, urine samples are suitable for testing sticks for testing.If in the early stages of pregnancy, morning urine is the best.

1. Not pregnant: There is only one control line, no pregnancy.

2. Pregnancy: The two lines appear, that is, the contrasting line and the detection line are all color, and the detection line is obviously clear, indicating that it is pregnant; if the control line is obviously clear and the detection line is very shallow, it means that it may be pregnant. Please use it every 2 days. Please use it every 2 days.The new morning paper collects morning urine and re -test.

3. Invalid: There is no counterpart in 5 minutes, and the detection is invalid or failed.

Therefore, for women who are pregnant for the first time, women who use the pregnancy test stick for the first time must read the instructions.Follow the steps and detection methods of the instructions.This will be more accurate.After the test found that after being pregnant, if you can go to the hospital to draw blood to confirm it again, you can probably know when you can do the production inspection.

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