"I can’t hold back the same room during menstruation, will there be any consequences?"

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Hello, hello everyone!Today is our intimate”今天 今天”~

A while ago, the floating gun turned to look at the tree hole and found that a sister was in the same room after menstruation, which was very anxious:

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I believe that many sisters are the same. I thought that the menstrual period was over, and they could be affectionate with their partners. As a result, menstruation "killed a carbine", and the whole two were scared.

So, in terms of the purpose of solving problems for everyone, let’s take a look at whether we can slap during menstruation today. How can I not hold back?

Why is sexual desire during menstruation?

The first thing to do on the floating gun is to eliminate everyone’s psychological burden.Many girls feel that sexual desire is shameful and unclean, especially during menstruation and this kind of thought, and feels that they are a bit "unwilling to love".

But in fact, the enhancement of desire during menstruation is a manifestation of many people. This is a physiological basis.

During the menstruation, a large amount of blood gathered at the perineum of women, with obvious bleeding edema, which will stimulate the nerves distributed here. The nerves will be more sensitive than usual.It is impossible to hook with morality at all.

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However, this is not to say that girls with poor menstrual desires are not normal.Just like some people dysmenorrhea, some people do not have dysmenorrhea, the strength of menstrual desire varies from person to person.Some girls have a strong sense of discomfort during menstruation, and they may not even appetite, let alone sexual desire.Therefore, as long as you are healthy and have no disease, it is not hindered whether you are strong or weak.

Then there may be friends who will ask, "Is there a strong desire for menstruation, will it have any impact on the body?"

The answer is: there is no impact, this is the normal physiological reaction of the body, know the reason behind it, and then look objectively, just face it calmly.

What should I do if my menstrual desire is strong?

So, I just happened to be strong during menstruation. What should I do?

The following three ways of processing, do only suggestions, just do it according to your own ideas!

Be able to bear

The most conservative approach is to do nothing.

Here we relax your heart. When you have sexual desire but not pop, you will not have any impact on the body. What you say on the Internet will affect endocrine, which is completely nonsense.The human endocrine is regulated by many organs and hormones, and it will not fluctuate greatly due to the "patience".

At most, it was itchy at that time, as long as you divert your attention, chase the drama, take a walk, or chat with friends ~


Masturbation can resolve desire, and it is much safer and hygienic than DOI without the need to be cleaned without being in the body.

Three ways of masturbation: pinching legs, hand, and small toys (want to know more here).

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But the most important thing is that everyone must pay attention to cleaning, and clean the private parts and "tools" in time afterwards!


First of all, it is clear that the so -called "safe period" is actually not safe at all, so whether it is for contraception, or blocking bacteria and viruses, you have to use a condom.

Then, both men and women should carefully clean the key parts while ensure that all items in contact with the body should be cleaned.

Afterwards, sisters should urinate in time and clean their private parts with flowing water again.

Is menstrual behavior safe?

Finally, let’s talk about the most concerned issues of sisters, that is, sexual behavior occurs during menstruation, what will affect the body?This kind of behavior that has always been "taboo" in our concept really makes girls suffer from various terrible diseases?

Below, the floating cannon is divided into different categories, showing you the possible risks, no need to worry about and possible benefits to everyone:

Possible risk

The risk of sexual behavior during menstruation is relatively high.

According to the US Disease Control and Prevention Center, sexual behavior during menstruation is crucial.Because during this period, the cervix will be opened slightly, which may make the virus easier to pass.In addition to infectious sexual diseases, inflammation and urinary tract infection may also cause inflammation.

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In addition, we also mentioned that there are also risk of pregnancy during menstruation.

Because although Mi Qingzi lived in Yin Road for only 36 hours, some "leading" Mi Qingzi would swim to the fallopian tube. At this time, Mi Qingzi’s survival time is relatively large.Essence

Therefore, menstrual behavior is possible to cause pregnancy, and it is important to regulate the use of contraceptive measures.

no need to worry

Do not worry about menstrual behavior during menstruation.

Meridity inverse flow is a normal physical behavior. In the process of lying or sitting on the menstrual period, some of the blood will flow into the pelvic abdominal cavity, and 90%of women will pass through blood flow.

In addition, "theory of menstrual blood reverse flow" believes that during menstrual behavior, because of impact and the contraction of the uterus, it can lead to menstrual blood reflux, which will cause endometriosis.

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But we have already said above that women with menstrual blood reverse flow are a very common phenomenon, but there are still a few people who really occur in the endometrium.Meridity reverse flow is not the only cause of endometriosis. At present, no study has shown that menstrual behavior will definitely increase the chance of endometriosis.

Possible benefits

Menstrual sex may relieve pain.Because endorphins are released when orgasm, it relieves pain and makes you feel better.

However, let’s say that, for many women, orgasm can be encountered and unable to find. The menstrual period is relatively weak, and there is no result for a long time, so there will be some money, so the sisters still choose according to their own physical fitness.

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In addition, sexual arise during menstruation may be easier.

In the first part, we mentioned that due to changes in hormones, women may feel more sexual and sensitive during menstruation. Some women will feel pelvic congestion, which will enhance sexual desires and cause sexual evolution during menstruation to be easier.

But still that, you choose carefully according to your personal constitution. If you are already uncomfortable, let’s not toss …

Alright, today’s tree hole is here ~

All in all, menstrual behavior is okay, but it is not recommended.If you do "need", please be clean and protective!

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