"How to calculate the gestational week"?Please take the most accurate calculation form for pregnancy weeks!

Many expectant mothers do not know how to calculate the problem of "how many days pregnant", especially those who are usually irregular menstruation.Some pregnant mothers said that according to the number of days calculated based on the last menstruation, it is different from the B -ultrasound single. What is the situation? So today, I will tell you: the correct way to check the pregnancy weeks.

1. How to correctly calculate the gestational week?

The accurate pregnancy week is what expectant mothers want to know after pregnancy, because you know the number of days of pregnancy, you can know the date of your due date and when to do what kind of birth inspection.

For clinicians, it is also of great significance to calculate accurate pregnancy.For a very simple example, doctors want to judge whether the fetal development is normal. The prerequisite is to first know the accurate pregnancy week, because the baby’s development and size are different in different gestational weeks.

1. How to calculate the pregnancy week?

Usually, if your menstrual cycle is 28-30 days, and more regularly, the doctor will judge the time of pregnancy through the last menstrual period, that is, how long the first day of the pregnant mother’s last menstruation is to now, it is pregnancy.how many days.

However, if the menstrual cycle of pregnant mothers is long or irregular, the number of pregnant days calculated through the last menstrual period is often inaccurate, and the doctor needs to determine the pregnancy week through ultrasound examination.

Which time to do B -ultrasound is more accurate to the pregnancy week?

Generally, check -up weeks are based on the color Doppler ultrasound examination in the early stages of pregnancy.Because during the early pregnancy, the growth rate of the fetus is basically the same, that is, the embryo is almost the same size.With the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the difference in individual fetus will become more and more obvious.

(Simulation diagram of fetal development differences, the three lines of red, yellow and green represent different fetuses)

The fetal differences are large during the third trimester. The most intuitive children are childbirth. Even the same pregnancy week, the weight is different, 5 pounds to 8 catties are normal.Therefore, judging the number of pregnancy weeks according to B -ultrasound data in the third trimester is inaccurate.

Ultrasound examinations during early pregnancy, such reports are often seen: fetal sac can be seen in the palace, fetal buds can be seen in the fetal sac, or no fetal buds can be seen, fetal heart beating or no fetal heart beating.Among them, the size of this gestational sac and the length of the fetal buds are crucial for clinicians checking the pregnancy week.

Usually each doctor has such a form. The corresponding fetal bud length corresponds to a gestational week. After the echocoser measures the tire buds, the pregnancy week can be judged according to the length of the fetal bud.

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