"He suddenly kissed my face, and then pushed me down the cliff." The truth of the Chinese pregnant woman in Thailand fell into the cliff, thinking about it …

"He suddenly held my waist from behind, hugged me hard, kissed my face, and then suddenly worked hard, pushing me in the direction of the cliff from behind …"

On the 17th, the "three months of pregnancy Chinese women crashed in Thailand" incident. With the latest progress, the police confirmed that her husband was deliberately murder.

Incident review

Recently, a Chinese couple visited the National Park of Confucian County, Thailand. During the trip, Ms. Wang Ms. Wang fell from a 34 -meter -high cliff. She had branches scratches, her left leg and both knees fractured, and her face was injured.

With the help of rescuers, the woman was sent to the local hospital for treatment.Although the staff tried to understand the situation, the woman was unwilling to disclose any details and also said she would see her husband Yu.

When you see your husband

She questioned her husband

"why treat me like this?"

When the police questioned Yu,

Yu Mou said


At the time of the incident, I went to the toilet myself and did not be with my wife.When I returned to the incident, I found that my wife was gone, so I went down the mountain to find my wife.In the early stages of pregnancy, the wife had symptoms of dizziness, so she lost her feet and fell into the cliff.

In addition, when the police asked his wife to question him, Yu said that he did not do anything to his wife, and his wife said this sentence to complain why he was not with her, why not take good care of her.

Although Yu answered so

But the police still feel

He is suspicious

So the police first deliberately issued the news of everyone’s misunderstanding of her husband. After he relaxed his vigilance and the woman’s body recovered, he deliberately led to Yu.After that, Wang had recuperated in the local hospital and was not allowed to visit unrelated personnel.

On the 17th, after Wang’s symptoms improved, the police made a transcript for her.

Wang Mou said

Falling from the cliff is not an accident

The husband pushed herself down

Wang said that at first he dared not tell the police the fact that his husband had been with him and threatened not to let the facts tell the truth.

Ms. Wang Ms. Wang recalled:

"He suddenly held my waist behind him, hugged me hard, and kissed my face."

Although she was on the edge of the cliff, Ms. Wang thought that she was playing with her and didn’t care.

The next moment, the unexpected nightmare came.

After kissing his wife, Yu suddenly made his hands, and pushed Ms. Wang from behind the direction of the cliff from behind.

Ms. Wang, who was unprepared, was instantly pushed off the cliff.

The moment she fell from the cliff, she called "Don’t!", Desperately trying to grab the grass and trees around her, but she didn’t catch anything, and she fell into the cliff instantly.

After the police finished the transcript and collected relevant evidence, they issued a search order to Yu.At 12:30 on June 16, the police arrested him when Yu Mou came to the hospital to visit his wife, and would accuse him with attempt to murder.

According to the police, the reason why Yu pushed his wife down the cliff may be:

Yu Mou had a previous department of theft of crime in China. At present, there is no proper occupation in China and debt.

But his wife, Ms. Wang, has a solid family, and assets in their personal names reached tens of millions of yuan.Yu once asked his wife to repay the debt for herself, but failed to get the "full help" of his wife.

As a result, Yu moved his heart.Once his wife "accidentally died", he could inherit the huge property of his wife as a spouse and get rid of the dilemma of debt.




Source: News Morning News, Knowing Thailand

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