"Good Pregnancy Chat Room" Preparation Woman: What should I adjust?

In life, many pregnant friends who prepare for pregnancy go to the hospital to test ovulation, and you will hear a doctor. You can’t develop this follicle. If you want to get pregnant, it is a bit difficult. What should I do?

Poor follicle development is indeed a very difficult problem.Speaking of egg cells, we have to find answers from the history of women’s growth ~

When each female treasure is formed from her mother’s belly, she already has millions of egg cells.After the child is born, the number of eggs has been reduced from 7 million to 2 million; in the adolescence, the egg cells in the ovaries are only about 500,000; more than 100,000 after adulthood;Degenerate.

After the first tide of women, a mature egg is expelled before menstruation every month, and then slowly swims into the uterus. Without the combination of sperm, it will fall off with the endometrium to form menstrual blood excretion.After an adult woman gets married, she must enter the state of pregnancy.The eggs have 2 to 3 days less than the sperm, and the longest is only 48 hours, so within 24 hours of ovulation is the strongest time period for conception.

What exactly is follicle development?

Poor follicle development means that in the late follicles, follicle growth can never reach the size of mature follicles, and the function is poor, secreting insufficient estrogen.

Poor follicle development may be the following situations: infertility: Follicle is not developing at a very small level.Small follicles: Follicular development is immature, and the diameter is often less than 18 mm.Follicles do not rupture: The follicles are mature, but they do not break and cannot ovulation.

Methods of poor follicle development

The follicle development is different, and the treatment methods are different in different cases.

The treatment of polycystic is mainly to break the ovulation and restore menstruation. If a certain drug treatment cannot break the ovulation, ovulation -promoting drugs may be used.If the follicles are not broken for a few months, IVF may be needed.

If it is ovarian function or endocrine disorders, it is mainly to induce ovulation. The most commonly used method is to supplement hormones.

How to improve the quality of follicles?

Generally speaking, in addition to the regular physical examination, you can also start from the diet, and eat more ovulation -promoting foods from the diet:

One is beans.Folkloff development is because the estrogen is too low. Eating some soy foods can supplement estrogen and then promote follicle development.One is grain.Women with ovulation disorders eat more grains, which can supplement a large amount of plant estrogen, promote ovulation, and regulate menstruation.Another food containing vitamin E.Eating more foods can help women promote sex hormone secretion, thereby promoting ovulation, improving fertility, and preventing abortion.

Let me say a few words

The eggs are not working, which can directly affect the fertility of women. Therefore, if the follicles are not developing, they must go to the hospital for treatment in time, actively cooperate with the doctor for conditioning, pay more attention to their diet, maintain good work and rest habits and a happy mood, and exercise appropriately.The body and enhance the resistance, which will go further from good pregnancy.

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