"Edible Lok Red" becomes a new favorite of pregnant mothers. Experts: Safety cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended not to apply during pregnancy

The Chutian Metropolis Daily reported on November 13 (Reporter Li Manying Correspondent Cui Yi Zhou Qishu Yuan Jiaxin Jing Jingtong) In recent years, in order to satisfy the pursuit of the pregnant mother’s beauty, a number of lipsticks specifically for pregnant women have emerged.Pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.Faced with a variety of mothers for pregnant mothers, more and more pregnant mothers choose to buy and use on the Internet, and then bid farewell to the days when pregnancy.

However, a reporter from the Chutian Metropolis Daily interviewed experts yesterday that although the possibility of pregnant women using lipsticks causes the fetal deformity, it still has an impact on the health of pregnant women.Apply lipstick.

The use of dietly lipsticks for half a year pregnant mothers suffer from contact lampitis

Ms. Liu, 29, lives in Hankou, because her skin is in good condition, she has no habit of makeup on weekdays.Three months ago, the pregnancy vomiting and sleeping at night made her feel that her face was very poor, and the whole person seemed to have no spirit.To this end, she began to improve her complexion through makeup and lipstick, so she began to search for products suitable for pregnant women on the Internet.After some comparison screening, she finally chose a "diet red" with a price of more than 200 yuan.

"The price of this edible lipstick on the Internet ranges from dozens to hundreds. The medium -lipstick price I bought online belongs to the medium -sized bias, and the sales volume is also very good, and most of the messages are praised."Ms. Liu said that she felt that lipsticks were used for external use, and the amount of entering her body was very small. In addition, the store promoted that she was specifically targeted at pregnant women, and many people chose to buy.

After receiving the product, Ms. Liu will paint this lipstick during work.Worried that lipsticks will enter the body. Before eating and drinking, she will wipe the lipstick on her mouth, after eating and drinking water, and then re -apply lipstick.What Ms. Liu did not expect was that after two months of use, she found that her lips were getting dry, peeling and cracking. After applying lipstick for several days, she was a little scared.Because of frequent lipsticks purchased by your own online, contact lampitis."You shouldn’t be so trustworthy to promote. If lipstick is really natural and healthy, I don’t think I will have laburitis." She regretted it, saying that she would no longer try to try some lipstick products that she didn’t know.

Pregnant women were covered up when they were blushed

Ms. Wang, 26, lives in Wuchang, and is usually a beauty master.After pregnancy, she wanted to keep the beauty of the past and worry about affecting the child in the belly.Like Ms. Liu, she found the keywords of "pregnant women" and "lipsticks" and found that there are many "diet red" specifically for pregnant women on a certain e -commerce platform.Looking at the price less than 100 yuan, she decided to buy it.After arriving, she uses this lipstick every day. Because of the bright colors, she feels that it is not much different from ordinary lipsticks.

In the past month, Ms. Wang found that she was getting more and more tired. Even if the leaders took care of her and gave her very little work, she would make her feel very tired.Occasionally, she also feels a little dizzy, her spirit does not seem to be concentrated, and her appetite becomes not very good.Sometimes after removing makeup, she even found that her face was a little pale.She thought it was a normal reflection of pregnancy, and she didn’t care too much.In order to make herself look better, she tried to rest at home as much as possible while insisting on makeup.Until a week ago, Ms. Wang’s lower body bleed.I thought it was a threatened abortion, and she and her family were nervous, so she hurried to the hospital for treatment.

"Makeup is red, and I was not diagnosed as soon as possible, and almost mislead the doctor." Ms. Wang said, until the blood test showed that her hemoglobin was only 5 grams, and she concluded that she had serious anemia.The doctor told her that if she did not apply red and or not makeup, her face and lip color were enough to make the doctor judge the first time that it was caused by anemia, and then treated targetedly.After listening, Ms. Wang was a little scared, and she decided to obey the doctor’s suggestion. In each postpartum inspection in the future, she kept a plain state.

Online evaluation is difficult to distinguish between true and false consumers

In the past few days, a reporter from Chutian Metropolis Daily found on a large e -commerce platform that the sales of "food red" specifically for pregnant mothers have been hot, ranging from tens of yuan to nearly 1,000 yuan.Some claim that it is made of lotus oil, small lone tree wax, and hyaluronic acid; some lipsticks are called carotene, apple extract, vitamin, and orange oil.On the homepage sold by most merchants, there will be the words "pure natural" and "no addition".E -commerce with good business has even sold more than 100,000 a month.

"When used, there was a fruit flavor of a list, which was moisturized and the color was relatively natural." Ms. Guo, Ms. Guo in Koukou District, had been pregnant for three months. Two weeks ago, she bought a lipstick for more than 40 yuan for pregnant women.No discomfort has been found at present.Ms. Zhou in Hanyang District also purchased a lipstick dedicated to pregnant women. However, she felt that the product had odors, so she didn’t dare to use it at will.

The reporter randomly opened a few online after -sales evaluations of "Edible Logs" and found that some consumers have evaluated the healthy and easy use of products after buying.Some of them will not take makeup after buying.However, most buyers evaluated the content showed that they only give evaluations based on product descriptions and subjective feelings after use. As for whether the ingredients are as healthy and safe as the propaganda, whether pregnant women can use nothing, and whether pregnant women can use nothing and worry, and whether pregnant women can use nothing and worry, and whether pregnant women can use nothing, and whether pregnant women can use nothing and worry, and whether pregnant women can use nothing, and whether pregnant women can use nothing and worry, and whether pregnant women can use nothing, and they can use nothing, and they can use nothing.No professional feedback.There is a lack of professional judgment, which makes people really difficult to distinguish.

Unknown ingredients Safe, no guarantee, it is recommended not to use during pregnancy

"For the prospective mothers who love beauty, especially those women who do not usually do not make up, can it be a tangled thing if it can be made up during pregnancy." Huang Lihong, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Wuhan Fourth Hospital, said that the pregnancy period was women.In a special period, this pursuit of pursuit is nothing to pay attention to the overall image and beauty.But at the same time as the effect of beauty, we must take into account both safety.In fact, many lipstick products contain uncertain ingredients such as pigmentation, metal, dyes, etc. The lipsticks for pregnant women on the Internet are mixed with fish and dragons, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.When the composition of lipstick composition is uncertain, apply it on the mouth, and drink water to swallow and swallow.Some pigments can cause fetal malformations.In addition, the chemicals in the lipstick will also cause the health of the fetus to be damaged, especially some inferior lipsticks will even contain heavy metals such as lead, which will have a great impact on the intellectual development of the fetus.If it is often applied, the impact on the entire pregnancy exists, especially the early pregnancy period, which is particularly obvious.Therefore, it is recommended not to use lipstick during pregnancy.If your lips are dry, you can use colorless lipstick to nourish your lips.

Xiong Li, director of the obstetrics department of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan City, said that in addition to the safety hazards brought by the ingredients of lipstick itself, lipsticks generally have good adhesion. Many dust bacteria, viruses, etc. will penetrate through lip mucosa.When we drink water and eat, it is easier to enter the body. By bringing the germs into the body, it is very unfavorable to pregnant women and fetuses.It is recommended that you do n’t need lipstick during pregnancy. You must use it. If you choose a regular product, try to ensure that you wash your lipstick with water or paper towels before eating.In addition, the doctor’s diagnosis of pregnant women, judging whether anemia, etc. will be observed through lips, and lipstick will cover the preliminary judgment of the doctor. It is recommended that pregnant women go to the hospital for a doctor.

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