"Don’t talk first, my wife called me", and I came later

Source: Voice of China of Central Radio and Television Station

Recently, Heilongjiang Hegang

A man encountered a car accident on the way to transport watermelon

When receiving rescue

The man received a call from the pregnant wife

Subsequent sentence

"Don’t talk first

My wife called me, she was pregnant ""

Move many netizens

What is the current man?

The wife learned of his move

What react?

The man has returned to his hometown

Coupled with your wife to give birth

According to Hegang Fire Fighting

Men are still nourishing

I have returned to my hometown Jiamusi recently

Because the men’s wife’s due date is only about one week left

To facilitate delivery

Two people rented near the local hospital

In a small hotel

After discharge, recall the scene during a car accident

The man is still worried

He said, at that moment he thought

All home and wife

"The moment of the crash

I was thinking if I was in trouble

This one can be tidy "

On the same day, after going to the hospital for a examination

Because the man’s friend accidentally said that he missed his mouth

The wife learned that he had a car accident

"I just told her, don’t worry, don’t worry

I have finished it, it’s okay "

Wife on the side

Hearing men’s memories of this pass

Touched but not surprisingly

"First think of others and think of yourself

Our character is like this "

Speaking, a smile appeared on her face

Although I encountered bumps

The couple are still optimistic and strong

August 19th

Hegang Fire rescue detachment

I also came to Jiamusi to visit the couple

Talking to a firefighter about the wife’s pregnancy is not easy

The man confessed to his wife affectionately

"Nana, now heaven is big

Without your belly "

"You are more important now than my life!"

Words are full of affection

Also full of optimism

Man said

I met my wife at the most difficult time

He has always been grateful

Wife said

They have experienced a lot of hardships together

But never thought too much

Although I have encountered some bumps currently

They still hope for the future

Will face optimistic

On the same day, I saw that the husband and wife had difficulties in life

Hegang Fire Detachment deliberately for them

Send a condolence

Firefighters also negotiate with the couple

Change the place of rented to

Hotels with relatively good conditions

So that they can better nourish and give birth

Netizens have also been for this couple

Send a blessing

"Come on! Everything will be fine"

Optical and affectionate couple

bless all of you

央 Source of this article: Voice of China (ID: ZGZS001) Comprehensive CCTV News Client, Hegang Radio and Television Station, Hegang Fire, etc.

Circuit reporter/Guo Xiaoguang

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