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Women’s vaginal bleeding is indeed a symptom that our women often encounter. Then our female vaginal bleeding is generally divided into two cases: the first is related to menstruation, such as menstruation always comes, always not clean, or menstruation time timeTurn shortened, come again and come again, but this situation is generally relatively regular.

The second type is vaginal bleeding that has nothing to do with menstruation. When will bleeding bleed when you want to bleed, or you have been old, menstruation, and vaginal bleeding. Generally speaking, bleeding related to menstruation.The opportunity is small. For example, when a teenage child, when the menstruation comes, it may be cleaned by a lot of genius, or it will only come once in a few months, mainly because the ovarian function is not mature. After a period of timealright.There are also women with more than forty fifty and fifty menstrual menstruation. Ovarian function has declined, and it is possible to have a menstrual titer in a period of menstruation.

There are also some women who may be on the ring after giving birth, and menstruation is also right, because this ring is stimulated by our uterine endometrium, and the tick answering is not clean. In this case, you don’t need to be too nervous.

But if we have no relationship between menstruation, we must pay great attention.For example, vaginal bleeding occurs after the same room, or vaginal bleeding after pregnancy, or vaginal bleeding in the middle of two menstruation, and a menopause woman. After a long time, vaginal bleeding occurs. These must be highly valued.

Bleeding after the same room may be cervical inflammation, cervical long polyps or cancerous cervix, pre -cancer lesions and other causes. Bleeding after pregnancy must be eliminated and abortion. In the middle of menstrual bleeding, the uterine polyps may grow in the uterus.It may be endometritis, or there may be bad lesions or ovarian problems in the endometrium.

In general, abnormal vaginal bleeding occurs in time, and must go to the hospital for examination in time. The most basic examination is to find a doctor for a gynecological examination to see if there is something growing in the cervix. Is there any problem with the vagina?The gynecological B -ultrasound of the ovarian and fallopian tubes, if these two examinations are suspected of a problem with the cervix, should be further screened by cervical cancer cells.It is necessary to combine blood detection and HCG levels to eliminate ectopic pregnancy.

We mentioned above that these inspections are relatively mature and less traumatic. If it is one of our hysteroscopy, it may be a little bit hard. It takes about ten minutes.In most cases, vaginal bleeding is a benign lesion, and some do not need to be treated.A small part of the malignant lesions and patients can be treated in time as long as they are found.

Therefore, female vaginal bleeding does not have to panic, but must go to the regular hospital for a gynecological department in time to apply the right medicine and find the cause. This is the best way.


Deng Kaixian

(Director of Women’s Second Section, Ph.D. in Medicine, Chief Physician, Master’s Graduate Instructor of Southern Medical University, "Outstanding Young Medical Talents in Foshan")

Medical expertise: gynecological malignant tumors, uterine prolapse, menstrual disease diagnosis and treatment, and minimally invasive surgery.The theoretical foundation is solid, clinical experience is rich, and the sense of responsibility is strong.Good at using gynecological minimally invasive surgery, such as vaginal surgery (abdomen -free), laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and other treatment of gynecological and malignant tumors. It is especially good at female pelvic organ dysfunction (including uterus, vaginal wall prolapse, urinary incontinence))The surgical treatment also has deep accomplishments in gynecological endocrine diseases such as menstrual disease and premature ovarian function.

Academic partnership: Member of the Gynecology Association of the World Endoscopy Association, member of the Family Planning Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the Gynecological Yinyin Surgery Group of the Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association, member of the Gynecological Yinyin Surgery Group of China, member of the Minimally Innovation Gynecology and Cancer Association of China and the Asia -Pacific regionMember of the Provincial Beauty Association Basin Reproductive Reproductive Committee, member of the Guangdong Provincial Gynecological Oncology Multi -disciplinary Cooperation Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Commissioner Pharmaceuticals and Gynecology Committee of Guangdong Province, Standing Committee Member of the Basin Medical Professional Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Society, and the Women’s Maternal Society of Guangdong Provincial Continuing Education SocietyMember of the obstetric branch, member of the Guangdong Health Management Association Gynecological Cancer Multiple Disciplinary Cooperation Professional Committee, and member of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch of the Guangdong Medical Association.

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