"Chen Xi, I don’t want to drink fetal medicine, please let you let the children in my stomach …" …

The rest of your life is very long, you are too memorable (2).

I don’t want to drink fetal medicine, please let the children in my stomach.Lin Ruier held her three -month -old belly, humblely kneeling on the ground, and kept heavier stones on the hard floor, and her eyes were crying and swollen.The doctor said that she was in poor health, and it was likely to be unable to conceive anymore.She must keep this child. … ·. Greek.Lin Ruier lifted the quilt and put on her shoes and got off the bed. She had to be fascinated …

Her child has been ruthlessly taken by Jiang Chenxi. Her uterus cannot be cut by him anymore, holding a glass bottle with a fetus in her arms.Lyrrr who was wearing a sick clothes ran quickly and ran.When a VIP ward, the voice of a man and a woman in the inside attracted her attention.Chen Xige, sometimes I am really sad. Two years ago, my child would not … and I couldn’t, because I hurt the uterus.

How could Lyrier outside the door not know, this is Mu Siyu’s voice, don’t be sad.Three days later, I would let people take off Lindo’s uterus and exchange her uterus to you.Jiang Chenhwen comforted, is this true?Mu Siyu surprised.

The next moment, I pretended to be a worry -free opening, so don’t do it?In that case, ifer really can’t do the mother, you don’t need to be guilty.This is what she owes you.

Jiang Chenxi said with a sinking voice, outside the door, he heard everything, and his eyes were red again.The man was very really to her, and she wanted to replace her uterus to Mu Siyu’s vicious woman. She didn’t allow it … she covered her mouth and quietly rushed towards the stairs.

Miss Lin and the female nurse saw Lin Ruier, and quickly shouted towards her. Jiang Chenxi in the ward heard the voice, opened her long legs, and directed towards the bodyguard in the distance. Don’t let her run away.

In the end, Lin Ruier, who had just escaped from the gate of the hospital, was caught by several tall bodyguards.Come back and arrange her palace operation now.Jiang Chenxi’s eyes locked Lin Ruier in front of him, Yang Sheng ordered, Jiang Chenxi, I was wrong, I shouldn’t marry you … I suck my nose, let’s divorceI.

Late, you must also call the uterus to Siyu.

Jiang Chenxi said coldly, …. … very poisonous women, not worthy of my uterus.She did not. … was entered the operating room by a bodyguard, and she could only shout constantly.

Lin Ruier was tied up with his hands and feet by a bodyguard, and forced to hold on the operating table.You let go of me … In this way, she kept shaking her head, the bodyguard ignored her, but nodded towards the doctor, and then went out indifferently.Sorry, everything was instructed by President Jiang, and I could only execute it.Before the kind female doctor glanced at, Lin Ruier, her face was guilty, and heard that Lin Ruier stopped struggling, as if she was going to die, lying on the operating table.

She knew that her admiration for Jiang Chenxi’s more than ten years had disappeared with her uterus.After the surgery, Lindo, who had a pale face, was pushed back to the ward and rest.She couldn’t move weakly. She could only lie on the bed every day. Every time she moved slightly, her abdomen would be pulled into the wound, and the severe pain hit.After a month of rest, although her body improved, her spirit was still poor.At this time, the door of the ward suddenly opened, and Mu Siyu stepped on high heels, like a peacock who won, and walked in proudly.It’s pitiful.The child was killed, and now half of the uterus is taken away.

When Lin Ruier saw Mu Siyu, he immediately turned his face angrily and closed his eyes.Don’t want to see each other, your half of the uterus.Originally, Chen Xige said to be exchanged for me, but I thought you were disgusting and had taken it to feed the wild dog.I almost forgot, you seem to have a kidney less.Unfortunately, Chen Xige, who was rescued by you, didn’t know about this.Mu Siyu lowered his voice and smiled, Ling Ruier’s tight eyelids, his eyes moved quickly, but still showing a faint performance.See each other-the indifferent look.Mu Siyu raised his eyebrows and picked up the glass bottle on the pillow of Linko.I heard that she has been using this glass bottle as a baby since Lyrity surgery.right?I heard that this was the child you were killed before.Mu Siyu shook the glass bottle teased, and the baby in it shaking with her movement trembling, Lyrr opened his eyes fiercely.Glast Mu Siyu excitedly, you put down him, don’t touch him with your dirty hands.So nervous, it was just a dead child.If you don’t let me touch, how can you treat me?

Mu Siyu shaking the glass bottle in his hand, and he could not shake the fetus inside.

Mu Siyu, you who are a vicious woman, I will not let you go.Lin Ruier’s excitement was scarlet and wanted to get up from the bed, but she didn’t even have the strength to get up.Who doesn’t let go of the cold?Mu Siyu said disdain.I think about it, you said that today I took the fetus in this glass bottle to feed the dog, or burned it.

Lin Ruier’s eyes widened and shouted: If you want me to let him go, then you ask me, I will consider it.Unil solid.Mu Siyu said with a smile: Okay, I beg you to let my children go.As long as you let him go, you can let me do anything.For her children, she can give up all her dignity, even if she whispered to ask her most monk Mu Siyu, can she really do anything?

I want you to sign the divorce agreement immediately and agree to divorce Chen Xige.Mu Siyu narrowed her eyes. As long as Lin Ruier agreed to divorce, she could marry Chen Xige and become a well -known Mrs. Jiang.

Lin Ruier nodded without choosing, anyway, she was dead to Jiang Chenxi.The position of Grandma Jiang’s younger grandmother is not stopped.Seeing this, Mu Siyu was able to take out the divorce agreement and signature pen that was prepared from the bag in advance, and stuffed it to Lin’s hand. Lyrrrhillery sucked his nose, held the signature pen’s hand, how could he tremble.It is not good to write a whole word, a forest word, and the completion of it is crooked.I was afraid that Lin Ruier would hesitate.Mu Siyu raised the face of the corner of the lips, don’t blame me. In fact, Chen Xige asked me to come today. He said that he didn’t want to see you again, so I could only send the agreement for himEssence

Lin Ruier’s tears did not know how it was, and she smashed a large one. Jiang Chenxi said that when she and Mu Siyu exchanged the uterus, he divorced her.The last word of the name is written.Seeing the three words on the signature column satisfactory.Mu Siyu proudly collected the divorce agreement.Mu Siyu also signed, Lin Ruier tightened his lips, and I went now.

Mu Siyu nodded with a smile.The next moment, a sound of vomiting, the glass bottle that was originally held by Mu Siyu’s hand, crushed it on the ground, the baby contained in it, and a group of tires was muddy on the ground. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Mu Siyu covered her mouth and stole her music, and she was faked in it, Lin Ruier’s red eyes, she agreed to divorce.Why are they so cruel?I’m really sorry, I’m not deliberately … saying apologies in the rain, don’t … Er shouted out of control.Mu Siyu’s high heels immediately crouched on her hand, and the pain of heart came.Lin Ruier tightened her eyebrows, but she just refused to pull back her hand. She would rather step on her, not her child.Mu Siyu deliberately crushed her back with her shoe.This is the price of you and me to grab Chen Xigo.You can’t fight me at all. As long as I want it, it is not only your child, your uterus, even if it is any organs on you, Chen Xige will give me no hesitation.Lin Ruier only felt that the palm was about to be crossdered by the other side, and gritted his teeth to bear it.Sometimes watching your face is really disgusting.If I rot it today, I think Chen Xige would not blame me.

Mu Si Yuyin poisonous road.Raising his hand from the side of the fruit knife from the side, he was about to stretch Lin Ruier’s face. A figure rushed in from outside the door, pushing Mu Siyu away fiercely.Don’t be allowed to hurt Ruoer.Mu Siyu fell aside, gritting his teeth in his heart, and the tip of the knife just was a little bit worse to cut Lin Ruier’s face.Lin Ruier’s dead face finally appeared on a trace of movement.

Lu Chuan: Pick up my child.

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