"Auntie" just left, maybe pregnant, is it true?

Most people know that women who have a history of sexual life history have to doubt whether they are pregnant if they have passed the period of 10 days or more.Is it possible to get pregnant if you have just come to menstruation?The answer is, it is possible.

What is the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle?

The menstrual cycle refers to the number of days between the first day of the last day and the next day of menstruation. Generally, it is 30 days, and the regular 21-35 days are normal.

After the birth of the newborn, the follicles stopped developing. Until the adolescence, it started to restart again. A cooked follicles are mature every month. It takes more than 80 days from sinus follicles to mature follicles. From small follicles of 1-2mm to 2-9mm follicles raised at 2-9mm.Then, a group of small follicles stood out from a 10mm superior follicle, suppressed other small follicles, and finally became mature follicles to discharge ovarian. This is the ovulation cycle.

Will you get pregnant just after the menstruation?

Most people are consistent with the menstrual cycle and ovulation cycle, but some people are inconsistent, such as ovulation during menstrual period or after menstruation.

Under normal circumstances, women do not get pregnant in menstruation, but this statement is not absolute.Due to the differences between individuals, for most women, their ovulation period is generally about 14 days before the next menstrual period.Ovarian can survive in the tubal for 1-2 days after the ovaries are discharged to wait for fertilization.Under normal circumstances, everyone is accustomed to referring to the ovulation period 5 days before and 4 days after the ovulation day.Because sexual intercourse is easy to conceive during the ovulation period, the ovulation period is clinically referred to the ovulation period or dangerous period.

Theoretically, the menstruation is just a safe period, so women do not get pregnant.However, women are affected by environmental changes and emotional fluctuations, so that their normal safety period will be shortened accordingly, but at this time, female friends do not know, so that even the safety period will not be safe.Moreover, women’s menstrual period varies from person to person. If the menstrual period is long, it is even harder to be determined. Therefore, even if the menstruation is just finished, female friends may still be pregnant.

Sometimes when women’s menstruation is about to end, it has begun ovulation. Because women’s eggs have the ability to fertilize within 24 hours to 48 hours, if the male sperm happens to enter the uterus at this time, and then enter the fallopian tube, then enter the fallopian tubeThen it may make female friends the possibility of pregnancy.

If there is a same room, but menstruation is not the same as before, it is not highly alert to whether to get pregnant for more than 10 days. The easiest way is to test the pregnancy test, but the diagnosis still needs to seek the help of a professional gynecologist; howeverIf you don’t go back for more than 10 days, you have to be pregnant at this time, and you may have a precedent abortion. It is recommended to go to the hospital to check it.

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