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Excuse me, Sister Liang Tang’s pregnant woman usually has backache and tiredness. Is the stomach swelling with a little food?Can she eat the wet soup?

❂ Answer 1

In fact, many pregnant mothers have low back pain during pregnancy. This is mainly because as the fetus and amniotic fluid continue to grow, they compress the mother’s lumbar spine. At the same time, the mother usually keeps leaning in order to keep her body balance.In a state of tension, you must avoid sedentary or long -standing when you encounter this situation. If you move it appropriately, it will naturally alleviate after giving birth. If you are really painful, you can find some safe external methods for orthopedics.However, if some pregnant mothers are weak, back pain is weak after pregnancy, and the deficiency phase is obvious, they can use some medicinal dietary therapy for liver and kidney, strong bones, and tires, such as Eucommia’s walnut pot pork waist, mulberry filamented silk, jujube cooker spine, Eucommia’s Parasite Red Dates Pot eggs, etc. If you are tired, have poor appetite, and bloating, you can put some yam, Poria, five -finger peach, valley malt, Chenpi and so on when you cook soup.


Sister Liang Tang, my baby is 26 months old, and often accumulates food. How can I regulate the spleen and stomach?

❂ Answer 2

Cumulative food refers to food that eats in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time.After a long period of accumulation, the spleen has weak capacity, and the gas machine cannot be circulated, and it becomes stagnant.Once the child accumulates and does not disappear in time, it will make the child’s appetite bad. In the end, it will also affect the function of the five internal organs, which will lead to disease.

Modern people are more common because they eat too much. In addition, some children belong to the weak spleen and stomach function. It is easy to accumulate food without paying attention to diet.For the accumulated food that is caused by too much, you usually need to reduce the amount of food in three meals, so that the baby is full.Usually be good at observing the baby’s situation. If the preliminary accumulation of food, the decreased appetite and the belly are full of belly, you must timely reduce the amount of food, and choose food that is easy to digest, optional rice porridge, noodles, and digestible vegetables.Eat fried and greasy foods, eat less difficult to digest meat, so that the accumulation of food will gradually alleviate.

For children with weak gastrointestinal function, it is easy to accumulate food. Usually, pay attention to eliminating the healthy spleen.You can try the following food therapy, such as hawthorn malt appetors (hawthorn 5g, fried malt 10g, prince ginseng 5g, yam 10g, 1/4 of the candied jujube), one -footed Jinhuashan soup (100 grams of Xianhuashan, 10 grams of one -foot gold 10 grams, 2 grams of Chenpi, 100 grams of lean meat), Chicken Sakura pot lean meat (50 grams of fresh chicken, 10 grams of mango core, 100 grams of lean meat, 2 slices of ginger)


What soup water conditioning is suitable for triglyceride?

❂ Answer 3

High glycerin triglyceride is a type of hyperlipidemia. Pay attention to reducing fat intake in diet. Tangshui pays attention to light and less oil to remove fat, so some bone meat with relatively high fats is not recommended asSoup materials, such as keel, pig hands, etc.Some ingredients that are low fat content and are beneficial to lipid -lowering can be used as soup, which represents the soups of the soup, chestnut tofu soup (chestnut, tofu, black fungus, soybean sprouts, dried gold needles, ginger slices), which contains we often recommend being recommendedThe food therapy for hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease contains more dietary fiber, which can delay the absorption of carbohydrates and cholesterol, and play a role in controlling blood lipids and postprandial blood sugar.It is also a good choice to consume some high dietary fiber.Some other fat reduction soup recommendations, such as shiitake mushroom tofu soup, lily asparagus soup, hawthorn lotus leaf soup, wolfberry lean broth, etc.

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